week 10

BACKGROUND Mrs. Maria Perez is a 53 year old Puerto Rican changeable who presents today due to a rather “embarrassing problem.”  SUBJECTIVE Mrs. Perez admits that she has had “problems” with booze back her ancestor died in her backward teens. She letters that she has struggled with booze back her 20’s and has been complex with Alcoholics Anonymous “on and off” for the accomplished 25 years. She states that for the accomplished 2 years, she has been accepting added and added adversity advancement her abnegation back the aperture of the new “Rising Sun” bank abreast her home. Mrs. Perez states that she and a acquaintance went to appointment the new bank during its admirable aperture at which point she was “hooked.” She states that she gets “such a high” back she is gambling. While gambling, she “enjoys a alcohol or two” to advice calm her during high-stakes games. She states that this generally gives way to added bubbler and added adventuresome gambling. She additionally letters that her cigarette smoker has added over the accomplished 2 years and she is anxious about the abrogating furnishings of the cigarette smoker on her health.  She states that she attempts to abjure from bubbler but she gets such a “high” from the act of bank that she needs a few drinks to “even out.” She additionally notices that back she drinks, she doesn’t smoke “as much,” but she enjoys smoker back she is arena at the aperture machines. She additionally letters that she has acquired weight from bubbler so much. She currently weights 122 lbs., which represents a 7 lb. weight accretion from her accepted 115 lb. weight.  Mrs. Perez is absolutely anxious today because she adopted over $50,000 from her retirement annual to pay off her bank debts, and her bedmate does not know.

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