week 10-1 apa format 2 paragraphs per question

10-1 Journal: Claimed Career PathAssignment In this account assignment, you will reflect on the advance and your adventures and how you can administer what you accept abstruse from your claimed career aisle in allowance your approaching clients. In your account assignment, complete the following: What can you administer from this advance to your claimed career path? What did you apprentice from this advance that you ambition you had accepted beforehand and that will advice you as you advance in your career journey? things learned  career counseling  personality test  career analysis By the end of this module, you will be able to altercate accomplished jobs, work, and careers and how these accept afflicted acceptable a counselor-in-training, and assay basal issues, ethics, and actual accomplishments of career counseling By the end of this module, you will be able to assay called assessments for authority and altercate career counseling theories and the one alone fatigued to. You'll additionally be able to appraise career counseling theories, including ethical considerations. By the end of this module, you will be able to explain the use of technology in career counseling and accommodate a arbitrary of the case abstraction diagnosis. Discuss the considerations back alive with assorted populations Provide a arbitrary of the applicant and purpose of appraisal report Discuss the career counseling approach acclimated while alive with a client Discuss the assessments acclimated including their validity, reliability, and multicultural considerations This activity planning branch worksheet provides you convenance with accouterment career recommendations to abutment clients. You will be accouterment recommendations in your career appraisal report. think through the action of what it agency to appoint audience in the career controlling action while creating an action that could be acclimated in a real-life bearings at a after date.  assessment scoring, appraisal after-effects interpretation, recommendations, and cessation for your career assessment  onsider technology in career counseling and how you will use technology to advice your clients. Technology (e.g., the internet, computer science, and automation) has afflicted the anatomic anatomy and job appeal in the aftermost three decades. Job advice is abreast and calmly attainable for anyone with internet.

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