Week 1 World Religions

1, Video Review  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nMRE8Qp3BjM   Review post: 150 Words   2,    religions, Discuss some of the appearance that are accepted in abounding apple religions.  _____________________________________________ Choose one of the two credibility above, to acknowledgment (350 wds). You may use your arbiter OR any alternative acclaimed album or source. ALWAYS CITE your source.  To abutment your acknowledgment you are appropriate to accommodate at atomic one acknowledging advertence with able citation. Your acknowledgment will be advised by Unicheck, the appropriation apparatus synced to Canvas. Unicheck will abide a affinity address a few account afterwards you column your assignment. If the affinity basis is aloft 30%, amuse accommodate and resubmit your appointment afterwards you adduce the sources appropriately to abstain plagiarism.  Amuse analysis the PowerPoint slides answer how to abstain appropriation and column your appointment accordingly. Even a distinct acquired account will not be tolerated.  APA autograph architecture is  required.  An Introduction to the Study | Apple Religions

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