Week 1 Topic 2 review minimum of 150 words

Carlos I do not accede with the quoted account due to the actuality that if artifice has been begin in any affairs in a business again we charge to bifold analysis how this array of banknote artifice is affecting the banking statements because the banking statements could be way off no bulk how big or baby that bulk of banknote artifice is. As an ethical accountant and if accomplishing an analysis of this aggregation again we charge to bifold analysis the affairs to ensure how this artifice has afflicted the aggregation financially again analysis with the business buyer so he can go over it in detail with his managers, investors and advisers so he can booty able action. "Fraudulent banking advertisement is the baloney of the banking statements by aggregation management. Usually, this is agitated out with the absorbed of ambiguous investors and advancement the company's allotment price." (Freedman, 2018) This adduce goes to appearance that artifice in accounting is added accepted now but auditors and accountants charge to be on top of things to accomplish abiding that the banknote frauds are not occurring by establishing able centralized controls and consistently accept to investigate the banknote frauds if they affect the banking to see how bad it was so we can fix it. Word Count: 216 Reference Freedman, J. (2018). What Is an "Ethical Issue" in Banking Accounting? Retrieved February 05, 2018, from http://smallbusiness.chron.com/ethical-issue-financial-accounting-57889.html

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