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 Week 1 - Assignment: Analyze the Activity Topic—The Activity Charter Instructions This anniversary you will architecture a activity charter. Each activity needs a activity charter—a account of the attributes and absolution of the project. As allotment of the activity charter, the activity ambit charge be defined, estimated activity continuance is given, the antecedent arrangement of activities outlined, and an allocated account presented in its antecedent account and developed in added detail in the activity plan (the Signature Assignment of this course). The activity administrator is designated. The Activity Management Docs aperture (certified by the Activity Management Institute), provides templates for a activity charter. As allotment of the activity charter, which can be a arrangement or a document, you will analyze the book or operation alternation breadth you will advance a activity plan for an IT development, process, and/or account improvement. Because this is the aboriginal allotment of your Signature Assignment, you charge be abundant in your book selection. When selecting your activity topic, accomplish abiding it is not too baby or too circuitous (remember time constraints—this advance lasts eight weeks), and abstain alive in an breadth area you accept little or no knowledge. The activity should not analyze a specific alignment or acute data; therefore, if you are alive with a accepted scenario, all names, locations, and operations indicators charge be protected. Sample belief to accede are that the activity has at atomic 20 people, has a account of $4-5 million, and lasts at atomic 15 months. Some sample affair selections are: Client Technology Tracking System Employee Self-Service Systems (ESS) Implementation Health Patient Electronic Record (HER) System Implementation Hybrid/Private Cloud Implementation for an Enterprise Network Center Relocation with Physical/Wireless Connections, Virtualization, and Cloud Solutions Small Network for a Physician’s Office (EHR) Network Security Policy Implementation for a University Campus Home Wireless Network Design Campus Secure Virtual Lab As you architecture your activity charter, you can actualize your own architecture agnate to the templates or outline apparent in Figure 1.3 and Figure 1.4 in this week’s introduction.  The activity allotment should call the activity and its antecedent stakeholders in detail and charge include: Executive Summary or Operating Book at a Glance—Describe the attributes of account or operations, the aggregation or institution, and its all-embracing agreement and anatomy (company profile). Statement of the problem, charge opportunity, or appeal for an IT development. In this section, references apropos the accent of acutely anecdotic the problem, appeal or charge from our users or barter with references charge be included. Justification for the project.  In this section, the accent of acutely answer the charge for this activity charge additionally be explained in detail with acknowledging bookish references. A sample outline for the architecture of a activity allotment is as follows: General Information Project Title Description of the Project Prepared by (project sponsor, activity manager, anatomic manager) Date Project Objective – Antecedent Scope Assumptions and Limitations General Activity Milestones (Description of above areas that will awning the project). These milestones will be aesthetic and declared in added detail already the agenda is developed. Initial Roles and Responsibilities – Can be in table format Sponsor Project Manager Stakeholders Team Members Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) Project Risks (Initial Assessment) or Observations Approvals Length: 4-6 pages not including the awning folio and advertence pages. This certificate does not chase the APA architecture because it can be a arrangement or table anatomy and layout. However, citations charge attach to APA standards. References: Minimum of 5 bookish resources. Your activity allotment should authenticate anxious application of the account and concepts that are presented in the advance and accommodate new thoughts and insights apropos anon to this topic. Your acknowledgment should reflect graduate-level autograph and APA standards. 

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