Week 1 Discussion

 "Company Description and Mission Statement" Throughout this course, you will advance a alternation of accounting affidavit and projects that you will after amalgamate into a complete business plan for a Non-Alcoholic Cooler (NAB) company.  For this discussion, you charge aboriginal analysis the NAB COMPANY PORTFOLIO.  The portfolio contains the aggregation ambit and capacity you charge chase back developing your aggregation (Note #1, folio 4).  All the discussions and assignments in this chic will be focused on the Non-Alcoholic Cooler aggregation you create.  For this week's discussion, amuse acknowledge to the following: Create your Non-Alcoholic Cooler aggregation name and explain the acceptation of the name.  Describe the cooler you will aftermath (key capacity and any flavors you will offer).  Develop your company's Mission Statement. Notes:  Use headings for anniversary section.  Use citation marks for the mission statement.  You will use this advice in Assignment 1 - Questions 1 and 2.  Check out Chapter 5: Aggregation Description to apprehend more. 

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