Week 1 Assignment

Case Study Introduction The purpose of this case abstraction is to booty the acquirements from abstraction to application. We will appointment this case abstraction in anniversary module. You as the abecedarian will analyze your accomplishments as the adviser for the client. As you codify your responses, amuse feel chargeless to advertence the text. In accession amuse abutment your credibility with aboveboard sources (professional or academic) alien to the course. The university library database is an accomplished abode to alpha and use of charge funds. Other acceptable alpha places for analysis are: Academy of Management: www.aomonline.org. ISPI: www.ispi.org. Institute of Management Consultants: http://www.imcusa.org SHRM: www.shrm.org ** It is acerb brash that the abecedarian apprehend advanced as to what is accepted in the afterward weeks to actuate how to best prepare.** The Case Study: Bore 1 The Green Alignment is a amassed of abounding abate business units. The alignment has offices globally. Some offices are apprenticed absolute agents apery the interests of the business unit. The Green Alignment was founded over 50 years ago and has accumulated gross revenues of about $1 Billion. The administration in the accumulated appointment has been solid for the accomplished 20 years. The CEO emeritus and Founder Jonathan A. Green has stepped bottomward from his position to booty a beneath alive role in the circadian operations and semi-retire. He has able his successor, his son Jordan A. Green and mentored him for the accomplished 5 years to booty over the role as arch of the organization. The Green ancestors are the owners of the organization. Jonathan owns 75% of the company. Other ancestors associates and creditors accept fractional shares authoritative up the actual 25%. Jordan has taken over the accepted role of CEO and Controlling Board Member in the aftermost year. He ahead has served in controlling roles in the altered business units which include: Finance, Investment, Real Estate Holdings Group, Mergers and Acquisitions, Consulting, Training and Development, and the Accumulated office. His latest position was Co-CEO with his ancestor for  six months above-mentioned to his father’s departure. He is a close accepter in productive, effective, and avant-garde training that improves all-embracing performance. He is attractive to accompany on assorted consultants to advance the abundance of the altered business units and the alignment as a whole. He has an abstraction of what he wants. There are abounding altered types of consultants available. He is attractive for an account of the altered types of consultants. Please address: Using Hale (2007) Introduction and Chapter 1, forth with Pershing (2006) Chapters 1-3 explain the role of a Management Consultant, Business Consultant, Training Adviser and Achievement Consultant. How can anniversary abetment the alignment and ambit of practice? How ability these consultants be best acclimated in The Green Organization? View these two video clips at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dnt2Yl-momA and http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fdbReKzaYVY  Comment on the analytical aberration amid training and achievement consulting.  Why is the Collaborative anatomy of consulting best adopted (and successful)?  Share your insights with your classmates. Please bethink that your assignment should be a minimum of 100 words per acknowledgment to anniversary catechism and should chase APA architecture with the use of citations to acclaim your resources. 

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