Week 1

HRMN 367 please acknowledge to at atomic one added activity/topic. (There are others that I accept added beneath this "topic box") Anniversary topic to which you choose to acknowledge should be addressed as a abstracted thread, and for this week's accord points, you should accept at atomic 4 posts (including your introduction). (don't balloon our 2X2 requirement) Indicate the activity in the appellation of your response, for example: Activity # 1 or Activity # 2  Activity #2 - Authoritative Culture Based on your account of the arbiter chapter, call and accord an archetype of an artifact, a value, and an acceptance in your organization. The absorbed blueprint may advice you analyze some basal assumptions. Activity #3 - Cultural Sensitivity Based on your readings and your cocky appraisal (INCA survey) allotment your scores, again allotment some thoughts on what you accept to be cultural acuteness and area you are in agreement of development of your own cultural sensitivity. This is added of a absorption column and you do not charge to acknowledge to alternative colleagues.  IFSM 305  Discussion foe anniversary 1   I am in accumulation 2  This chic uses a altered access to discussions.  Anniversary apprentice is assigned to one of four groups (Group 1-4) and anniversary accumulation has 2 weeks during the 8 anniversary chic in which they are amenable for the antecedent acknowledgment postings, and the alternative 6 weeks the groups acknowledge to others' postings.  The responses will be done by anniversary affiliate of the group; this is not a "group project," but aloof a way to bisect the class.  To actuate which accumulation you are in, go to My Tools > Groups.   Weekly Assignments for Groups Group 1:  Anniversary affiliate posts capital responses in Weeks 1 and 5; replies to alternative students' capital responses in weeks 2, 3, 4, 6, 7 and 8. Group 2:  Anniversary affiliate posts capital responses in Weeks 2 and 6; replies to alternative students' capital responses in weeks 1, 3, 4, 5, 7 and 8. Group 3:  Anniversary affiliate posts capital responses in Weeks 3 and 7; replies to alternative students' capital responses in weeks 1, 2, 4, 5, 6 and 8. Group 4:  Anniversary affiliate posts capital responses in Weeks 4 and 8; replies to alternative students' capital responses in weeks 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, and 7. Topic:  Call the roles of technology, people, information, and authoritative apparatus in bloom affliction advice systems. The readings for this anniversary altercate bloom affliction organizations and systems, including systems to abutment administration, announcement and finance.  For your Stage 1 assignment, you will call the roles of people, technology, processes, authoritative components, and data/information in the EHR arrangement for the Midtown Family Clinic.  For this discussion, you will convenance answer these roles as they chronicle to a announcement arrangement for a hospital. GROUP 1:  As commendations a announcement arrangement for a hospital, call the role of anniversary of the following: People – who are the bodies that use the announcement system? What alternative bodies are afflicted by the announcement system? Organizational Apparatus – what departments use the announcement system?  What alternative departments or alfresco organizations ability be involved? Processes – what activities (processes) are the users of the arrangement affianced in?  (please do not aloof say "billing"!) Data/information – account 5 abstracts elements or advice items that are important in the announcement system. Technology – how does technology abutment the announcement system?  What are some expectations you accept about how the technology performs? GROUPS 2,3 and 4:  In acknowledging to the postings, you are to alarmingly appraise all of the afterward for at atomic two capital postings: Are the explanations of the roles of anniversary of the bristles apparatus listed aloft clear, complete and accurate?  If not, explain. Is there a bright accord amid anniversary of the bristles apparatus declared and the hospital announcement system? Provide at atomic one accession to one of the basic descriptions (identify addition person, authoritative component, process, abstracts element, or aspect of technology) EVERYONE:  Review the belief in the Altercation Grading Rubric, and acknowledgment to those who appraisal your assignment or column alternative credibility of view.  Be abiding to authenticate your compassionate of the affair and analytic thinking.

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