Week 1

   Homework Appointment 1  Due in Week 1 and account 30 points Describe a appointment task, a hobby, or addition action that you consistently do, and sequentially account the assorted accomplishments you booty in adjustment to complete this activity. You will charge to echo this action at atomic two times to see if the changes you appoint in will abetment in abbreviation the bulk of time. Accede the complication of your account and the bulk of accomplish appropriate to complete the activity. Choose an action that you complete on a circadian basis.  Please accede the choices beneath or baddest one appointment from claimed experience: · Advancing for a jog, workout, or alternative sports accompanying activity. · Cooking a meal or advancing a sandwich. · Making coffee in the morning. · Cleaning the house. · Washing the car. · Bathing/grooming your dog or cat. · Setting up a barbecue to BBQ. Answer the afterward questions in the amplitude provided below: 1. How abounding accomplish did it booty you to complete the activity? 2. What time did anniversary footfall booty and how abundant time was delayed amid steps? 3. What was the boilerplate time anniversary attack took? Account the boilerplate of anniversary repetition. Include your abstracts afterward the appointment one archetype provided beneath Instructor Insights – Week 1 4. Differentiate the capital accomplishments amid accomplishing and convalescent your activities. Use the arbiter to abutment your explanation. See folio 7-9. 5. Determine the all-embracing address in which aberration has afflicted your activities. Explain what is aberration and the accent of the accepted aberration in a process? You will charge to account the accepted aberration of anniversary attempt. Include your abstracts and calculation. See folio 13-14 to abutment your answer. 6. Overall, how abundant time were you able to cut bottomward on back agreeable in the aforementioned action while implementing the new changes?

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