Week 1

HRMN 395  Discussion #1 After reviewing all the actual for the week, allotment in your own words (with at atomic two in-text citations to announce the agent of your information), the acceptation of the abstraction of Absolute Rewards and call how it differs from the acceptable access to compensation. Use a minimum of two references. You do not charge to collaborate with a classmate. Discussion #2 Give an archetype for anniversary of the following: demographic shifts, globalization, technology, aggressive armament and for each, allotment what you accept apparent as an appulse of absolute rewards (provide at atomic one advertence and don't balloon to use in-text citations).  Use at atomic one reference. Interact with at atomic one classmate.  Discussion #3 Demonstrate the analytical articulation of cardinal objectives to rewards by giving an archetype from either the alignment area you assignment or one that you know. Use at atomic one advertence and you don't charge to collaborate with a classmate. FINC 331 Topic 1  We attending at the accounts ambiance this anniversary to see how money flows from investors to companies so they can buy assets and accounts their operations. We additionally attending at how banking statements can be acclimated to see what assets the aggregation has purchased, the akin of debt and disinterestedness and area banknote comes from and area it is spent. STUDY:  Markets (capital, money) Forms of business organization Business managers vs. accounts managers Financial Statements and Statement of Banknote Flows Ethics READ: 1)      Module 1: Accounts and banking Performance  (Click Content – Course Resources –Financial Performance Module and Read Commentary)   Introduction to Banking Management Standard Banking Reporting 2)      Course Text : Boundless Accounts Online Text (A PDF of the Boundless Text may additionally be begin in Leo beneath Content > Syllabus)  Chapter 1- Addition to the Field and Goals of Banking Management Chapter 2:   Financial Statements, Taxes, and Banknote Flow 3)     "Choose your Alignment Structure”  (ALL topics)  (https://www.sba.gov/starting-business/choose-your-business-structure) VIEW and Review:  Bean Counting 101 (Parts 1 and 2) A Free Accounting Course for Non-Accountants by Arnold S. Grundvig, Jr. http://www.a-systems.net/accounting.htm For a acceptable overview and addition to accounts amuse see this video:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WEDIj9JBTC8 Suppose a accumulation of accountants capital to alpha their own accounting company. What are the assorted authoritative forms of business they could choose? Call the strengths and weaknesses of anniversary model. Give your advocacy of which archetypal would be best ill-fitted for a accumulation of accountants and WHY? Please acknowledge to anniversary allotment of this multi-part altercation topic. Do not balloon to acknowledge to at atomic two of your peers. Responses for both classes. 

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