Week 1.1

Prior to alpha assignment on this altercation apprehend Chapters 3 and 4 in your textbook. Choose one of the afterward alien threats to law administration and corrections. (If your best does not assignment appropriately able-bodied for both law administration and corrections, you may accept one for each.) Law administration and corrections can be impacted by abounding alien threats. These accommodate alien advice gaps and abounding ecology influences.  Bodycams Community support Demographic factors Funding issues Media Perceived threats Politics Societal cultural factors Supreme Court Decisions (common law) Technology Unions Research your called topic(s) application a minimum of three able resources. (Access the MSCJ Able Sources guide (Links to an alien site.) for abetment with award adapted resources.) Provide a abrupt description of anniversary able ability including a account as to why it is adapted for the called topic(s). Based on your analysis actualize a arbitrary of your topic(s). Within the summary, explain how the alien blackmail impacts the authoritative behavior in law administration and corrections. Describe how law administration and corrections ability action those alien threats. Support your statements with affirmation from your able sources.

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