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  Instructions Assignment 2: LASA 1: Web Angle and Armpit Analysis Report Description of LASA: For this assignment, you will advance a web angle for a apocryphal organization; the angle should accommodate wireframes and affectation the architecture and blueprint of the website. You will additionally assay several websites and appraisal their design, highlighting any admirable architecture features. Part I: Creation of a Armpit Map and a Web Proposal Scenario Doug Kowalski is a freelance columnist who specializes in photographing attributes scenes. He generally gets arrangement assignment of cutting photographs for textbooks and journals. Kowalski would like a website that showcases his talents and provides publishers an accessible way to acquaintance him. He would like the website to accommodate a Home page, added pages with samples of his work, and a Acquaintance page. Tasks: Create a 4–6 folio address on the base of the following: Create a armpit map based on this scenario. A armpit map is a proposed authoritative blueprint of the web architecture that you will be advising for the organization. Develop and accommodate wireframe folio layouts for Kowalski's photography business (the Home page, agreeable pages, and the Acquaintance page) in the armpit map. Develop and accommodate wireframes assuming the architecture and blueprint of the website, including the abyssal structure. Create and accommodate a web angle certificate that is acceptable to accretion approval for this project. Accommodate all estimated resources, time, and costs. Justify the account for developing the website and the allowances to Kowalski's business in agreement of acknowledgment on advance (ROI). Part II: Website Analysis and Summary Tasks: In an accomplishment to argue Kowalski about what it takes to aftermath a high-quality website, you will appraisal addition website and abridge how it can be improved. First, accept and analysis any one of the websites mentioned below: TechSmith GNU Operating System DistroWatch Laptop Second, in about 2 pages, accommodate the afterward in your final address to Kowalski: Summarize your acknowledgment to the called website. Your arbitrary should: Evaluate whether the website alcove the advised audience. Justify your reasoning. Select three examples that abutment how the website uses recommended web architecture guidelines. Recommend the means in which the website can be improved. Note: Your final deliverable will be in a Microsoft Word certificate that is about 6–8 pages in breadth and utilizes at atomic three able sources (beyond your textbook). Your address should be accounting in a clear, concise, and organized manner; authenticate ethical scholarship in authentic representation and allegation of sources (i.e., in APA format); and affectation authentic spelling, grammar, and punctuation. Submission Details: By the due date assigned, save your address as M3_A2_LastName_FirstInitial.doc and abide it to the Submissions Area. Assignment 2 Grading CriteriaMaximum PointsCreated a armpit map based on the provided scenario. Developed a sample wireframe folio blueprint in your armpit map.56Created and included a web angle certificate that is acceptable and advised to accretion approval for this project. Included all estimated resources, time, and costs24Justified your account for your called website architecture based on ROI for Kowalski's business.24Evaluated whether the website alcove the advised admirers and justified your reasoning.20Selected three examples that abutment how this website uses recommended web architecture guidelines.16Recommended the means in which this website can be improved16Writing Components: Organization (12) Usage and Mechanics (12) APA Elements (16) Style (4) 44Total:200 Attachments  

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