We Need a Retirement Plan

With the way the abridgement is today, we charge all the money we can get abnormally back we retire. The affair of my cardboard is “We do not charge a retirement plan because amusing aegis will awning our needs back we retire. This is a affair that I acerb disagree with; Amusing Aegis abandoned will not be abundant to awning our needs back we retire. Amusing Aegis or SSI is a affairs financed through accepted revenues; it is advised to advice adults who are blind, the aged and disabled bodies who accept little or no income. SSI provides banknote to accommodated basal needs for food, clothing, and shelter. Whether you can get SSI depends on your assets and things you own. SSI allowances are payable to adults who accept bound assets and resources, accommodated the active requirements, and are contrarily eligible. If you don’t abatement into any of these categories and you accept already retired afterwards a retirement plan, you won’t accept a antecedent of assets to abutment yourself. The Federal account bulk for a SSI acquittal is $674 dollars, as we all apperceive $674. 0 is not about abundant to live, and that may abandoned be abundant to pay your rent. You will still accept alternative active costs such as food, bills, and claimed items, not to acknowledgment bloom care. Although there is Medicaid, and Medicare but not anybody is acceptable to accept those benefits. These are a few affidavit why Amusing Aegis will not be abundant to awning our needs back we retire afterwards a retirement plan. With Amusing Aegis there is no agreement that you will authorize to accept payment. SSI is based on your income, money that you accept such as wedges, alternative SSI benefits, and pensions. The bulk of assets you can accept anniversary ages and still get SSI depends partly on area you live. Some of the assets acclimated in the accomplishment action are; absolute estate, coffer accounts, stocks and bonds, and cash. You may be able to accept SSI allowances if your assets are account no added than $2,000. A brace may be acceptable to accept SSI allowances if their assets are account no added than $3,000. Addition big affair with retirement is Bloom Care. Sure Medical allowance is included back you accept Amusing Aegis alleged Medicare and Medicaid, but afresh you accept to authorize for that as well. You may anticipate that Medicaid and Medicare are the same; absolutely they are two altered programs. Medicaid is a accompaniment run affairs that provides hospital and medical advantage for bodies with low assets and little or no resources. Anniversary accompaniment has its own rules about who is acceptable and what is covered beneath Medicaid. The affairs helps with the amount of bloom care, but it does not over all medical costs or the amount of best abiding care. Medicare is financed by a allocation of the amount taxes paid by workers and their employers. It additionally is financed in allotment by account premiums deducted from Amusing Aegis checks. Some bodies authorize for both Medicare and Medicaid. Medicare is our country’s bloom allowance affairs for bodies age 65 or older. Assertive bodies adolescent than age 65 can authorize for Medicare, too, including those who accept disabilities and those who accept abiding branch abortion or amyotrophic crabbed sclerosis (Lou Gehrig’s disease). In adjustment to authorize for Medicare afore the age of 65 if; you accept been advantaged to Amusing Aegis affliction allowances for 24 months; or you accept a affliction alimony from the railroad retirement lath and accommodated assertive conditions; or you formed continued abundant in a government job area Medicare taxes were paid and you accommodated the requirements of the Amusing Aegis affliction program; or you are the adolescent or the widow(er) age 50, or older, including a afar widow(er), of addition who has formed continued abundant in a government job area Medicare taxes were paid and you accommodated the claim of the Amusing Aegis affliction program. During my analysis I was able to account 3 people; Thomas Burrell a retired adept who has SSI and retirement, Kathy Burrell retired from the academy arrangement that abandoned has retirement, and Thelma Kelly an aged woman who is retired but abandoned receives SSI. Mr. Burrell is retired from the aggressive in 1991, retired from the United States Postal Service in 2001; he started to accept SSI allowances in 2001. Back I interviewed Mr. Burrell, he had a lot to say about SSI and retirement. Even admitting he is accepting both, he knows that if he abandoned had one account he would not be able to advance his lifestyle. By Mr. Burrell accepting SSI and retirement he is able to accommodate for his family. As far as bloom affliction goes, Mr. Burrell has Medicare. By him accepting retirement he does not authorize for Medicaid which will awning all of your medical needs. You are not authoritative a lot of money with either the SSI account or retirement, but with both accumulated you will be able to survive. T. Burrell (personal communication, April 6, 2011) Kathy Burrell, who has aloof retired in January of this year, abandoned has a retirement plan and no SSI benefits. Mrs. Burrell retired through the Florida Retirement Arrangement (FRS) and the 401K plan, and actuality active in Florida you accept to delay 4 months afterwards you retire to admission your money. You will charge to accept some affectionate of assets to aftermost until you accept your abounding retirement. Mrs. Burrell knows that she is not able to survive on retirement alone. If she didn’t accept a husband, afterwards she retired she would accept to get addition anatomy of assets to accomplish ends meet. As far as bloom affliction goes, If Mrs. Burrell did not accept aggressive allowance from her husband; she would not accept or be able to allow it. K. Burrell (personal communication, April 6, 2011) Thelma Kelly a citizen of Columbia, South Carolina has been retired for the accomplished 15 years. Mrs. Kelly who is a added has been accepting SSI allowances from her backward husband, and because she is eligible. Mrs. Kelly receives $700. 00 a month, says that it is a absolution that she does not accept a abode acquittal because she would not be able to allow it. Mrs. Kelly struggles every ages to accomplish her $700. 00 a ages analysis aftermost for food, gas, account bills, and alternative claimed items. T. Kelly (personal communication, April 6, 2011) In cessation it would be benign to accept a retirement plan forth with Amusing Aegis allowances to be able to abutment yourself. As mentioned beforehand there are a lot of agreement and requirements in adjustment to authorize for Amusing Security. Amusing Aegis abandoned will not be abundant to awning our needs back we retire.

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