We grieve that the innocent have suffered but we are satisfied that evil has been defeated

In the comedy 'Othello' by William Shakespeare it could be said that in the end, admitting the killing of Desdemona, Othello and Emilia that, "we ache that the innocent accept suffered but we are annoyed that angry has been defeated", but to what admeasurement is this absolutely true? There is no agnosticism that 'Othello' is abounding of the adversity of innocence. None added so than the adversity of Desdemona who can be declared in no alternative way than authentic and virtuous. At no point in the comedy can it be said that she shows annihilation alternative than these qualities and there absolutely can be no absolution for the fate that befalls her. 'She is absolutely perfection', which is declared by Cassio, is the absolute description of this woman and yet she arguably suffers best aural the text. Not alone is her candor questioned, the man she loves and has accustomed her body to, denounces her as a 'whore' and a 'strumpet' and in the end murders her. There is no agnosticism either that Othello suffers aural the play. He is apprenticed to annihilate Desdemona, the woman he loves, due to the angle that she has lied, cheated and is ultimately a amative adulteress. His chastity however, could be questioned. The alone affidavit that Desdemona has done the things she had been accused of is that which is in Othellos imagination. He never absolutely has any absolute proof, aloof suggestions. It is in actuality his annoyance and acuteness that makes him accept that Desdemona is an adulteress. Without his anxious tendencies, the berry of suspicion could never accept been planted. As able-bodied as the affairs it is a claimed declining aural Othello himself that leads to the annihilation of his wife and so accordingly he is not absolutely innocent in his suffering, or that of Desdemona. Despite Othellos already anxious personality arena an important role in the events, it cannot be denied that Iago is the appearance who initiates, and through base Othellos anxious attributes and the artlessness of Desdemona, brings about the adversity of all. The blame, to a abundant extent, lies with Iago. His appearance is nasty, awkward and disrespectful. This is apparent in the arena area he encourages Roderigo to acquaint Brabantio (Desdemonas father) of her area abouts. He says, 'an old atramentous ram, is tupping your white ewe', which is an altogether awkward and animal way to call the act of adulation authoritative amid two bodies who are acutely in love. He afresh uses a barnyard description of the brace back he says, 'your babe covered with a Barbary horse'. Admitting talking about Othello in this aspersing way he pretends to be his acquaintance throughout the play. He acutely states that 'I chase him to serve my about-face aloft him' and 'I charge appearance out a banderole and assurance of love, which is absolutely but a sign', which shows his avenging and artful nature. Although he pretends to be a acquaintance to Othello, he is absolutely alone accomplishing it in adjustment to let him advance that his wife isn't the women he anticipation she was. With this in mind, the best accurate words that Iago says are, 'I am not what I am'. Iago never absolutely does anything, he doesn't annihilate or aching anyone physically and yet he assuredly lies abaft the adversity aural the play. This makes what he's accomplishing all the added sinister. His angry attributes is absolute and so back he is begin out at the end of the comedy it could be said that angry has been defeated. However, Iagos accurate colours actuality apparent and him actuality punished hasn't chock-full him accomplishing what he set out to. He has afterwards all still fabricated Othello ache decidedly and in about-face got his revenge. In cessation I feel that although it is accurate that chastity has suffered a abundant accord throughout the play, the actuality that Othello played a role in his own adversity cannot be over looked. Nor can the catechism of to what admeasurement he absolutely was innocent in the accomplished scenario. In accession to this there is the catechism of, has angry (Iago) absolutely been defeated? I don't accept that it has, as in my opinion, angry has done what it set out to do and has in actuality won.

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