Watch a movie and write a review by answer the following 3 questions.

 video link: Please answering the afterward questions, autograph almost 2 paragraphs for each: Were there any accepted capacity apropos the contest that led "the American courtesans" into their profession? How does this analyze to your assumption notions of an escort or sex worker? What do you anticipate your acknowledgment would be if addition told you this was their profession?  Did the women in the documentary resemble your agreed account of what an escort looks like or how they are portrayed in the media? What is it like to be an escort or sex worker, and what amusing stigma is absorbed to this profession? In what means is the activity rewarding? What are some risks and costs that appear with this profession?   Please accommodate at atomic one APA appearance in-text commendation to advice strengthen your acknowledgment to this question.  Note that including at atomic one in-text commendation is a allotment of your grade. Before watching the film, were you acquainted of this profession? How has this blur afflicted your compassionate and faculty of analysis of prostitutes from the public, abnormally from the police? Do they feel safe in the accepted ambiance they appointment in? What can be done to advance this?  Assignment guidelines: Use APA appearance formatting and in-text citations for any actual you altercate that comes from the arbiter (see OWL Purdue APA (Links to an alien site.)Links to an alien site.). Times New Roman 12 point font Double spaced 1 inch margins You do not charge to put your name or the appellation of the documentary on the top of your assignment. To acquire abounding points, your acknowledgment should be 2.5 - 3 abounding pages in length. There is no minimum folio requirement, but that breadth will acquiesce for the akin of detail appropriate to absolutely acknowledgment all genitalia of anniversary question.

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