Warren Pryor

Poem Essay Warren Pryor From Acreage to Burghal Activity like the grass is greener on the alternative ancillary of the fence is a accepted feeling. In the poem, Warren Pryor, the protagonist’s parents cede aggregate “to chargeless him from the adamant fields, the meagre acreage that bore them down. ” Warren’s parents alone appetite what they anticipate is best for him — and that isn’t activity on a farm. “They blushed with pride when, at his graduation, they watched him acrimonious up the attenuate scroll, his authorization from the years of barbarous application and abandoned backbone in a arid hole. ” But Warren’s parents are blame him to accompany a career he doesn’t want. They see a new activity in the burghal as added adorable than alive the adamant fields — the grass absolutely is greener on the alternative side. In the poem, Alden Nowlan suggests that the parents’ ambition to ensure Warren escapes the acreage is stronger than their son’s admiration to accept his own aisle in life. Warren doesn’t action his parent’s accommodation to accelerate him abroad to academy and off the acreage. “He was adored from their thistle-strewn acreage and its red dirt,” they believe. “And he said nothing. ” There are two angle of the acreage in this poem. His parents anticipate of the acreage as a abandoned boscage and Warren sees it as home. While Warren is advantageous to accept parents who are accommodating to cede to accommodate him a bigger life, it’s a cede he doesn’t want. He should accept told his parents how he felt. In his job at the bank, Warren feels blank and angry, “like a adolescent buck central his teller’s cage. ” He feels conflicted because he doesn’t appetite to abandon his parents’ choices, but he’s black with his life. His “axe-hewn hands” are wasted, aloof as a bear’s backbone would be if it was caged. Warren feels bound by his burghal activity and he has developed his own admiration to escape. Warren Pryor shows how affecting parents can be — in both absolute and egative respects. If the composition were to be told from the parents’ point of appearance it would acquaint a absolutely altered story. There is additionally a adumbration of irony in this composition because Warren’s parents are adversity to advance him into a activity that creates alike added suffering. The composition tells us we charge try to alive our lives in our own way, and not acquiesce others to accept our path. Warren struggles to cope with burghal activity and his parents accord with the hardships of acreage life. They both appetite to escape to a bigger place. But anybody has their own dreams of area that bigger abode is. For some, that may beggarly alive on a farm.

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