What are the cons to the war on drugs    Cons:   As we've discussed throughout this debate, there is a asymmetric cardinal of atramentous and latino men confined  in the US for biologic offenses. Can you accomplish recommendations as to alternatives to incarceration that accept been acknowledged on a accompaniment akin that could potentially construe to a federal position?   Can you altercate the approach of "moral panic"  with commendations to biologic action administration in the US? What are some basal causes of "moral panic" that you've articular in your research? According to a Congressional Analysis Service address from Dec 2018, the cardinal of federal prisoners in 2017 (185,617) was six times greater than that of 1980 (24,640) in the acme of the  crack epidemic.Can you altercate any abeyant changes that you've researched actuality fabricated on a federal akin to abate this number? Do you  feel like these changes, if enacted, will be satisfactory in about-face the means in which the US angle incarceration? Please altercate the ancestral and chic disparities amid confined and aforetime confined  drug offenders with commendations to cloister involvement, analysis in prison, and casework accessed aloft release. Can you altercate the amount of the War of Drugs in agreement of federal dollars invested, as able-bodied as accessory  damage that is associated with administration of biologic behavior (eg: affects on migrants, women, etc.)?

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