War Criminals

“ War Abyss are still in this country aloof because of political agitation and corruption” ‘The banderole of absolute Bangladesh flies at the advanced ancillary of the car of war abyss (? ) of 1971.. '(Manik 2008). It’s the best abhorrence accuracy now-a canicule like adventure or balladry to the Bangladeshis who got a huge accident of lives, backdrop and blackmail in absolute their lives during and afterwards the war alone for the abrupt cabal of those war abyss amid whom abounding are decidedly complex till today in arch our country. Who’ accept accustomed them rights to aphorism and alike appoint laws on us?? Why are they still in this country with added than all accessories area alike a abandon fighter who sacrificed his activity for this country can not ?? Theanswer of those questions is frequently accepted to the bodies now a days. Do not you additionally assumption the greater absorption for actuality abiding in politics, the besmirched political parties acquiesce them to alive affably in Bangladesh? Exactly due to the political agitation and corruption, the war abyss are still actuality in our country whose cabal is not accomplished yet. This is the civic actuality for what I am activity to appearance that the political agitation and bribery gives able position to the war abyss to be here. Before accepting my angle let me analyze about the able war abyss of our country beneath whom alternative abyss are actuality hidden for years. The best apparent war abyss of our blood-soaked War of 1971 are accurately present in Bangladesh with able administering ability and articulation from Jamaat e-islami forth with others complex anon in basic RazakarBahini, Al-Shams, AL-Badar who heavily fatigued into accumulation murdering, rape, arson, annexation and abnormally killing of bookish during the aftermost allotment of our august liberation war. Jamatis were accompanying with best genocide that happened during nine months of liberation warthat is accepted to us from the altered sources and ‘MuktiyuddhaCetanaBikasa Kendra’. Ashraf Hossain, a baton of Jamaat's apprentice accession IslamiChhatraSangha, created the Al-Badar militia in Jamalpur District on 22 April 1971 (Editorial, DailyPurbodesh, 23 April 1971). In May, 1971, Jamaat baton Mawlana Yusuf created the Razakar militia in Khulna (Editorial, Daily Sangram, 14 November 1971). As accepting advice from the book ‘Genocide '71, an annual of the killers and collaborators’ by AhamadaSharif and MuktiyuddhaCetanaBikasa Kendra (1987) , the ample accumulation of ilitia called AL-Shams was additionally created at the mid of the war led byJamat baton Ali AhsanMujahid who did the aforementioned annihilation during the war. However, some bodies say, actuality in Bangladesh we accept a absolutely adequate architecture which is apery a complete abandon of country. But in that architecture there is annihilation about war abyss and their definition. Architecture of Bangladesh does not accomplish any specific words about the actuality of the war criminals. From the ISN address 4thNovember, 1972 we get the accomplished overview of our architecture easily. Here according to The Article-6 (1) and (2) [talks about ‘Citizenship’] ,Article-19 (1) [talks about ‘Equality of opportunity’] and Article-32 [talks about ‘Protection of appropriate to activity and claimed liberty’] of the constitution, war abyss forth with anybody afterwards the war got the bright accepting to be a aborigine of Bangladesh. So they deserve to be with all accessories like us. Therefore the description of Architecture is amenable to accord the befalling to the war abyss to be still actuality in Bangladesh. So justonly the political absorption and bribery is not thefact. Butmany Specialists and intellectuals gave altered types ofopinions opposing the aloft argumentation . Ema. E. Hasana and War Crimes Facts Finding Committee (Bangladesh) in their accumulated and best adequate book anytime ‘Papers on genocide, war abomination and abomination adjoin altruism in Bangladesh(2001) accepted accepting abounding statistics and incidentsthat for political and alone bendable corner, the makers of architecture who were the alone political ability at that time fabricated a adept agreement of Architecture which had not accustomed any specific analogue for the war criminals. That is why war abyss are the citizens of Bangladesh now. Besides, for political absorption they afflicted and adapted abounding genitalia of architecture (Malik 2009). We accept apparent that in the elections, those political leaders use the war abyss for accepting privilege. Kabir (1998) said from the address of Primary Resource in All-embracing Affairs(PRIA) that three defined war abyss (Ahmed Sarwer, Kamal Azam, Ruhitbillah) were appointed in the Local administering on September, 1972. So we see the ultimate account of blockage of war abyss acerb in country is the political bribery and absorption for accepting power. In addition, the position of the war abyss has been lastingfor years by the able influences of the adopted countries. Blackburn (2008) indicates a amount thatUSA has beneath absorption on the actionable agitation happened in the poor countries area they accept no profit. Absolutely it’s accurate that to overpower the developing and arrested countries like our country Bangladesh the able and developed countries like USA and UKdo not abetment the Government of us actuality abreast about theunfair activities of the abounding fundamentalist parties who consistently adjoin the civic war in the name of accord as amiss way accepting barbarous annihilation on innocent affectionate bodies rather they try to booty advantages from the cases and if they can not accomplish their arrogance from us afresh they blackmail us with their affluent nuclear ability as a accuse of accepting fundamentalist terrorists. That is the adventitious for the fundamentalist war abyss of our country accepting aberrant access from them and for this some of us argues that it’s not all about thepolitical bribery which is alone amenable for the present position of the war abyss in our country. Yes it may be appropriate and actual that the adopted access has. But the abeyant history is, Bangladesh Govt. is not declared to become an administrator govt. Rather, to get the abutment from the able adopted govt. , for captivation the ability and accepting added favour and self-interests accomplishing corruptions aural own country, our politicians lose their soveiregnity and own character. For the greater political interests they accept been application the war abyss as their partner. So afresh the capital account is political bribery for what still the war abyss are actuality in Bangladesh. Moreover, the war abyss accept the all-embracing networks in abounding countries. Jamaat-Bangladesh has the absolute ascendancy beneath the Jamaat-Pakistan(Blackburn 2009). According to the address of Blackburn (2009), both two groups get supports including banking aids from the Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA). He begin that MueenUddinChowdhury and Asrafuzzaman Khan from Jaamt-Bangladesh who are complex in war crimes accomplish funds in UK, US, Germany and Austrialia and accumulate it to the Al-Khidmat Foundation that helps to abutment the HizbulMujahideen, Jamaat's armed accession and alternative groups which are appointed by the US and UK as a agitator organization. Those groups accept actual able supports in about abounding countries of Asia. That is the anemic point for Bangladesh to stop those war abyss complex with them. But we see at present we accept no able political backbone area the political parties are active with their own interests. That is why Bangladesh did not either accomplish its abundant angel as angle internationally. As political parties aloof anticipate about their own interest, they consistently achievement to get assistances from the altered sources as able-bodied as those groups. For that acumen they do not accept any courage say adjoin those able networks accepting money from them. The best important affair is that the asleep and abhorrence of the accepted bodies who consistently silently has been acceptance the war abyss to advisedly alive in peace. Besides, abounding of us anon abutment the war abyss and try to accord them the ability to advance the country. But we all acquaintance that we the accepted bodies are apprenticed to be bashful beneath the ability of besmirched political parties. It is able-bodied planned to adjust the war abyss in Bangladesh. Actuality war abyss are accustomed ability to ascendancy backroom and accustomed the column of abbot of this country. And by this, the accessible are cheated so that they can not admonish the amount again. So frequently beneath the alone political bribery war abyss are still existingin this country. However the key aggregate of the backbone of war abyss added from 1972 while they were pardoned as a ‘General Bail 1972’ by Sheikh Mujib which was said to be accepting a abundant political advantages and supports for them (Ahmed 2010). But the best favourable adventitious came to the war abyss during 1975, 1977, 1979 as those years back the acceptation of adoration based backroom started. kabir (1994) thinks that MAJOR JIA and ERSHAD approved to accomplish the bodies added affecting and fabricated them added affected by adoration in a amiss way with the amiss account of Islam by the fundamentalistsJamaatis . They invitedthose war criminalsto booty authentic political abutment and they both gave adventitious to them to be their political partner. Activity to do that they afflicted the architecture for the advancement of the war abyss but not added than any development. That is why they active the war criminals. On the alternative hand, no footfall has been taken till now to accomplish balloon of the war abyss due to political absorption of the the above political parties afterwards the liberation. So abounding govt. leaders came and gone but not approved to balloon the war abyss alone for political cause. Even some of the political parties fabricated Joint Accumulation to win the acclamation which is a applied example. We saw the Ameer of Jamaat-Islami had been the abbot of our country. Mohaiemen (2003) begin that an declared war bent SalauddinQuaderChy. has aloof became Bangladesh’s appointee for Secretary Accepted of the Alignment of the Islamic Conference (OIC) with his ability accepting the abutment from the own political parties. To sum up, it’sinfact all-important to say that the war abyss are acclimated as a abundant vote coffer in elections which absolutely increases unrests amid the political parties. abir (1994) accomplished that the supporters of the war abyss were accretion day by day by the adventitious of the besmirched politics. The aftereffect of it reflects actual soon. It is absurd to actuate how abundant abutment the Jamat absolutely had in the 2001 acclamation as it was allotment of an accord whose assorted associates voted for anniversary alternative adjoin the Awami League, but its 17 seats in the new assembly - and two ministers in the government - advance a affecting increase. So it’s bright to apperceive that aloof for the political agitation and bribery the war abyss are absolute in our country still now.

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