Wanda Why Aren’t You Dead

Tiffany Anderson Dr. Zubeck English 110 “Wanda Why Aren't You Dead” A agreement is a agreement of affecting accent or announcement artists absorb into their anatomy of art. Poetry can be acutely affecting advancing from the artist. The agreement “Wanda Why Aren't You Dead” by Wanda Coleman focuses on an African American woman who is base and belittled by the bodies she assembly with. It shows aloof how damaging words can absolutely be aback acclimated to aching a person. Wanda Why Aren't You Dead” is about Wanda's disturbing with the bodies about her and their acrid opinions about her, about advancement her character and acceptable stronger by the end of the poem. Wanda, actuality a poet, expresses her animosity into this agreement and does a astounding job at it. It allows the readers to feel what the advocate feels and allotment in her sadness. Coleman's advocate undergoes centralized battle aural herself due to the blowing she adventures from others. They concoction her name about and boldness her constantly, apparent by the alliteration of the name Wanda. The choir in the agreement point out her imperfections, abrade her, abutment her insecurities, and alienate her in any way they can. Wanda has no acceptable features, according to the busybodies in the poem. Wanda is scrutinized for her actualization and any alternative apparent aspect she has. The meddlers ask her consistently why she does or does not attending a assertive way. For example, one says, “why don't you lose weight” (5) While addition says, “how appear your anxiety are so goddamn big” (7). These baby blame amplify as the agreement progresses. They become added awful and cruel. She relives these aching judgements afresh throughout the poem. Throughout the poem, Wanda is told abundant aching and awful things about herself. Wanda has been verbally and apparently physically abused on added than one occasion. The questions they ask her are not absolutely questions, they are exact attacks. The tormentors do not appetite an answer, they alone ambition to aching Wanda. They catechism who she is, her appearance, her well-being, and akin her existence. Her tormentors average her for actuality black, they accommodate her in the artifact that all atramentous women behave the aforementioned and are alike. One example, “what is it like actuality black” (10) questions her character as a atramentous woman, as if she can allege on account of the absolute race. The blame blow at her continuously throughout the poem. They boldness her family, personality, her intellect, and her integrity. These acrid statements do not affect not what Wanda believes about herself. They are the choir of bodies who apperceive her that are adage what they anticipate about her. But, she beats herself up with the acrid memories of the comments fabricated appear her. The meddlers could be anyone in her community: friends, family, akin strangers. They aces out any arresting blemish about her and bandy it in her face. They augment her insecurities and add on to them. The readers can akin feel benevolence appear Wanda because she is actuality brought down. Camille Paglia, a arcane critic, touches this affair of Wanda acquisition over the corruption she endures in her assay of the poem, stating: “The admiration is that she survives and thrives” (8. ) due to the actuality that one of Wanda's meddlers asks her, “i admiration / why ain't you dead” (28-29). She fights off all of their bad judgments on her and she charcoal her own person. They ask Wanda added than already during the agreement why she is so affronted and defensive. One annoyance states, “wanda you're ALWAYS on the attack” (25). Wanda is arresting to assure herself from any accident their acrid words could administer on her. All the annoyances and comments throughout the agreement do not amount to her anymore; the clairvoyant of this agreement can acquaint as the accent and accent changes in the agreement appropriate at the ending. The agreement turns from its advancing accent to a added apologetic. One line, “wanda I didn't apperceive I was affliction you / that was an accident” (18-19) shows that at some point addition began to see they were affliction wanda and acquainted anguish for it. Camille Paglia's assay of the agreement credibility out specific capacity about Wanda. She credibility out Wanda's affairs and alternative aspects of her was well. Paglia gives her actualization of the meddlers and their intentions of the beggarly comments they accomplish appear Wanda. She says that wanda is “an alone alveolate adjoin the absolutism of the group” (4. ). Wanda is an alone who is actuality attacked and acicular out by others. She is continuously advised because of her alien actualization and akin her alternative of men. Paglia additionally mentions Wanda's acknowledgment to her bullies. Instead of Wanda breaking and arresting herself in all the barnyard things said to her, she regains ascendancy and maintains her individuality. In her assay of the poem, she states, “when the affliction can be said, absoluteness seems beneath harsh. ” Wanda overlooks and disregards all the comments befuddled at her and stays herself regardless. Wanda revolts from her tormentors' acrid angle of her and proves them wrong, about she charcoal the aforementioned by the end of the agreement assuming she refuses to change to amuse anyone. Already Wanda makes it bright she is angry aback at the statements said to her, it sets a altered accent in the poem. The agreement now shows that Wanda has won achievement over her bullies and becomes a stronger woman. She is assuredly her own actuality who does not accept to what bodies say about her. By the end of the poem, Wanda is her own actuality and comes out on top. She proves her tormentors amiss and does not change. She does not accept she is any of the things said about her. She does not appetite to be molded into any of the things appropriate to her, she would rather apathy the acrid judgements and be her own woman. The statement, “why ain't you dead” (27) acutely shows that the artist is still alive, she has survived all the criticism and hurt. But, she is stronger than she was afore which leaves the tormentors apprehensive how she has done it. Wanda gives the agreement activity by behindhand and attractive over the criticism befuddled at her and actuality her own person, admitting the meddlers' attempts to breach her.

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