WAN Arrangement Architecture  For this assignment, you will actualize a advanced breadth arrangement (WAN) design. A WAN is the amount basal to your network, as it compasses all your bounded breadth networks (LANs) and all bare arrangement infrastructures like routers, switches, and servers.  Research this affair and accommodate at atomic three references from articles, books, or Web sites to abutment your paper.   Your completed appointment should accommodate the following:   Create a diagram that includes the following: Displays the basal cartography for your called organization. Accommodate routers, switches, and all of the basal arrangement affiliation hardware.Diagrams your IP address. (Calculate and add your IP ranges and subnets assimilate your diagram.) Provide an assay of your diagram (explain switching and acquisition choices, cartography choice, and all-embracing active basement decisions). Explain the action you will use for allotment IP addresses for this organization. Why did you accept the IP addresses that you did? Describe IP acclamation strategies for advancement aloofness on a network, be abiding to explain how your action maintains aloofness on your network. Identify and call at atomic three arrangement acclamation or cartography standards that comedy a role in your arrangement design.   Make abiding that your cardboard is professionally written, chargeless of errors, and that APA formatting is activated throughout.

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