Wage and Hour Laws

Introduction: The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), anesthetized by the Congress in 1938, is applicative to administration complex in artery commerce, anon or indirectly, and some assertive types of businesses.  FLSA accoutrement apropos best hours assimilate a assignment anniversary of 40 hours for accurate workers. These workers are to be paid an overtime of 1.5 times the workers' accustomed pay amount for all hours formed aloft the accustomed 40 hours. The act constitutes two capital categories of employees; exempted and non-exempted. It is bounden for administration to pay overtime to non-exempt employees. Analysis: In the accustomed scenario, Calzoni Boating Co. is an artery business affianced in accomplishment and affairs boats. Thus, the accouterment of FLSA is bounden on the company. The assembly of the bristles hundred nonunion advisers at Calzoni Boating Co. are requesting a four-day, ten-hours-per-day workweek. Calzoni affair about advantageous the overtime to the advisers based on the adumbrative appeal is natural. However, the FLSA overtime laws administer alone to those advisers that accept formed added than forty hours per week. In alternative words, the advisers who assignment for ten hours a day, four canicule per week, are not accountable to overtime pay because they accept not formed added than forty hours per anniversary (Miller ; Jentz, 2010). This agency that in actuality the act doesn’t crave advantageous overtime if the employees’ angle is accepted. Conclusion: Thus, beneath the Federal overtime law Calzoni is not appropriate to pay the employees’ overtime if it accepts their angle and so it doesn’t charge to be anxious about overtime payments. References: Miller, R.L. ; Jentz, G. A. (2010). Business Law Today: The Essentials.  (9th ed.). Mason, Ohio: South-Western College.

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