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 ==================================== Discussion:1 This anniversary we focus on some added agreement for IT users.  This anniversary lets altercate what a association of convenance is.   Why are they important and how can they appulse the ability aural an organization? Your acknowledgment should be 250-300 words.  Homework #1 Chapter 13- abstraction questions 1-10, Exercise 1 (Information Systems for Business and Beyond) The aloft assignments should be submitted in one-word document Homework #2 Chapter 11 –  1.Review the application claiming in the agenda era (as able-bodied as the absolute chapter).  2.Reflect on the assorted challenges are present in the agenda era.  3.Will things get bigger or added complicated as times goes on? Explain.  4.What are some methods to digest new ancestors into the workforce to anticipate about aggressive advantage? (Information Technology and Organizational Learning)  The aloft acquiescence should be one -page in breadth and attach to APA formatting standards. **Remember the APA awning folio and the references (if required) do not calculation appear the folio length**   Week 8 (Analytics, Data Science & Artificial Intelligence) Discussion (Chapter 6): List and briefly call the nine-step action in con-ducting a neural arrangement project. Your acknowledgment should be 100-300 words. Respond to two postings provided by your classmates. Chapter 6– altercation catechism #1-5 & exercise 4 The aloft assignments should be submitted in one-word document. Include an APA awning folio and a advertence page.

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