A acute basic to classroom administration is to accept the ability to be able to use assorted forms of technology in adjustment to administer your classroom efficiently. Part 1: Clear Organizer For this assignment, analysis bristles altered forms of technology that can be acclimated in the classroom to abutment acquirements during apprenticeship and home/school connections. Create a clear organizer to include: The bristles forms of technology A description of the able use of anniversary anatomy of technology How acceptance can interact, locally or globally, application this anatomy of technology How anniversary anatomy of technology can be implemented into apprenticeship in the classroom to abutment acquirements for all students Part 2: Reflection In accession to the clear organizer, in 250-500 words, summarize, reflect, and accommodate a account for the admittance of technology in classrooms. Additionally, abode how technology supports acquirements for all acceptance in the classroom and at home. Explain how you will use your allegation in your approaching able practice.

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