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  Write a 525- to 700-word column answering the following: Select an official Native American accumulation (one on the official federal list). Specifically, acknowledgment these questions: Where are they amid in the U.S. today? Were they forcibly removed from their affiliated lands? How? Do they accept a catch today? What is their acknowledged continuing with the U.S. government? How abounding enrolled associates are there in the tribe? How is affiliated associates defined? What anatomy of government do they practice? Can both men and women be on the administering body? Do they accept an official accent alternative than English or Spanish? Is the accent accomplished in Indian schools? Make abiding to use the readings in your answer-it is a requirement.   History of Native Americans and Immigrants to the US Native American languages. (2004). The Greenwood Encyclopedia of American Regional Cultures: The Midwest, n/a. Flower, R. (2010, November/December). Sharing a affair for Native Americans. FCNL Washington Newsletter, 745. Fur, G. (2014). Indians and immigrants -- Entangled histories. Journal of American Ethnic History, 33(3), 55-76. Gutierrez, L. (2014, August 30). Native Americans booty a stand; Cultural confiscation of headdresses, names, community more frowned upon. Times - Colonist, C.4. Lowrey, A. (2013, July 13). Pain on the reservation. New York Times, Late Edition (East Coast), B.1. Maxwell, L. A. (2013). Running in abode in Indian country. Education Week, 33(13), 1-20. Nordin, K. D. (2002). Native American religion. Macmillan Encyclopedia of Death and Dying, 2, 607-608. Gonzales, A. A., & Stansbury, M. (2008). Native Americans. Encyclopedia of Race, Ethnicity, and Society, 960-967. Publications We Are All Americans, Pure and Simple : Theodore Roosevelt and the Myth of Americanism Multimedia KMBC TV, (1989). Dancing in Moccasins: Keeping Native American Traditions Alive (49:30) [Video file]. Films on Demand. Mike Trinklein, (1992). The Indians (03:42) [Video file]. Films on Demand. PBS, (2005). The Proclamation of 1763 (02:11) [Video file]. Films on Demand.   Submit your appointment to the Appointment Files tab. Please abide a Plagiarism Report as well. You may appetite to argue the UoP Library folio (go to the Center for Writing Excellence) to do so. Here'a how one apprentice declared accepting the Plagiarism Repor

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