Response to the two statements alone with a minimum of 100 words each. Respond to anniversary account with whether you agree/disagree and accommodate one adduce and advertence commendation from an absorbed reading.  Statement One:    Yes, I accept that a actuality can be “good” after religious faith. As declared in this anniversary readings abounding bodies accept in the “divine command theory” witch is the appearance that “the appropriate affair to do is that which is ‘directed’ or ‘commanded’ by god.” I acquisition this approach to be troublesome, because there are abounding altered religions with differing positions on moral issues. My catechism to addition who believes in this approach is which god(s) is appropriate and who’s commands should we take? I accept the acknowledgment to this catechism would depend on the adoration of the actuality to which I am speaking, which of advance invalidates the approach back there is no constant response. Another approach that relates to god authentic chastity is accustomed law theory. This approach states the one should adjust themselves with “higher purposes” that are assigned from god. These college purposes are not so abundant commandments, but added of an intent. I don’t subscribe to this approach either. How can anyone apperceive what god wants? There accept been endless crimes committed in the name of god, and there is no way to prove or belie if they were afterward god’s intent.  Overall, I anticipate people’s chastity is mostly based on empathy. For example, I don’t abduct because I apperceive how it would affect me if I was baseborn from. Accepting affinity does not absorb the acceptance in a religion. However, some bodies accept not either not be accomplished to accept affinity or are defective affinity due to a brainy bloom issue. In a added anatomic sense, absolute chastity keeps societies beneath ascendancy and prevents them from devolving into chaos. Religious chastity on the alternative duke has the abeyant for accomplishing the exact opposite. Bodies with acute religious behavior about do not accept affinity against others back they accept they are acting on account of god. For those who do not subscribe to any faith, their compassionate chastity is aloof as accurate as any religious acceptance system. Statement two:    In my opinion, I don’t feel that one charge accept a religious acceptance to act in a affectionate way against others. Though I am religious and accept in a college being, it is not the sole active agency that drives me to act with candor and kindness. For me, I seek to do the appropriate affair artlessly because I appetite to be a acceptable actuality and I acquisition achievement in allowance others. I anticipate bodies are their own drivers and are afflicted by abounding things not aloof their religious beliefs. “Many bodies accept their aboriginal moral/ethical acknowledgment from the adoration or religions in which they accept been reared. The added aqueduct of those ethics is about their families. In abounding cultures about the Globe, the civil and religious worlds abide accordingly intertwined,” (University of Maryland University College, 2018). For those that don’t accept religious beliefs; I accede that bodies advance their own ethics based on how they’re raised, how others accept advised them in the accomplished and how they appetite to be beheld and advised by others. I feel that best bodies about appetite to do the appropriate thing. When they don’t best of the time it’s because they’ve become desperate, let their own desires get advanced of the animosity of other’s or become annoyed with the world. Sometimes I anticipate bodies act after candor accidentally because they anticipation it would be bigger for others or didn’t absolutely apprehend how their accomplishments would be interpreted by others. I anticipate there is added to adoration than aloof putting the abhorrence of God in people. I see adoration as a apparatus to adviser bodies to do the appropriate affair aloof as I see the law or advice from a mentor. All are meant to adviser bodies to accept appropriate over wrong. Additionally, sometimes we are appropriate to lie for the advancement of association as the case with civic aegis or acute aggressive operations. If we are accurate all of the time it could account disproportionate abuse to ourselves or others. Is it amiss to lie? Best of the time. Is it necessary, sometimes. Lying for one's own claimed accretion at the amount of others admitting adoration is wrong. Will accepting a adoration accomplish us a bigger actuality and accumulate us from lying, maybe, maybe not. Does anybody lie…probably so? I will leave you with this. Do you acquaint your kids to be acceptable or Santa won’t accompany them any ability for Christmas? Let's face it, no bewitched fat man in a blithe red clothing is anytime activity to accompany our kids toys, yet we've been lying to them for centuries. Are we bad people? Note:  Responses should be based on absorbed reading.  Statement one acknowledgment should accept a minimum of 100 words and account two should accept 100 chat acknowledgment as well.  Both responses should be separate.  

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