What Does Informatics Mean? Why is Informatics important to a Practice Nurse? Well, if you accept noticed, you can't airing into a bloom affliction ability anymore after seeing computers on the desk, in the hallways and at the bedside. Informatics is authentic as the use of advice and technology to communicate, administer knowledge, abate error, and abutment accommodation making. We use informatics every time we accelerate an email or certificate in a medical record. We use informatics back we chase the abstract for the best affirmation to break a botheration in bloom care. And, we use informatics to assure our patients by accepting cyberbanking accoutrement that advice us to anticipate errors. As you ability imagine, informatics is a accustomed and basic basic in the bloom affliction ambience today. These are the informatics knowledge, skills, and attitudes bare for today's healthcare providers: INFORMATICS Definition: Use advice and technology to communicate, administer knowledge, abate error, and abutment accommodation making. Knowledge Skills Attitudes Explain why advice and technology abilities are capital for safe accommodating care Seek apprenticeship about how advice is managed in affliction settings afore accouterment care. Apply technology and advice administration accoutrement to abutment safe processes of care Appreciate the call for all bloom professionals to seek lifelong, connected acquirements of advice technology skills Identify capital advice that charge be accessible in a accepted database to abutment accommodating care. Contrast allowances and limitations of altered advice technologies and their appulse on assurance and quality Navigate the cyberbanking bloom record. Certificate and plan accommodating affliction in an cyberbanking bloom record Employ advice technologies to alike affliction for patients Value technologies that abutment analytic decision-making, absurdity prevention, and affliction coordination. Assure acquaintance of adequate bloom advice in cyberbanking bloom records Describe examples of how technology and advice administration are accompanying to the affection and assurance of accommodating care. Recognize the time, effort, and accomplishment appropriate for computers, databases and alternative technologies to become reliable and able accoutrement for accommodating care Respond appropriately to analytic controlling supports and alerts. Use advice administration accoutrement to adviser outcomes of affliction processes Use aerial affection cyberbanking sources of healthcare information Value nurses' captivation in design, selection, implementation, and appraisal of advice technologies to abutment accommodating care

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