Vulnerable Population Summary – due in 36 hours – 3 pages

  Vulnerable Citizenry Summary and Proposed Program The aboriginal of your two accounting assignments for the advance will accommodate a alpha framework that you will advance in the development of your Final Project: a angle for a community-based affairs in your area. For this aboriginal accounting assignment, you will baddest one of the accessible groups articular in the argument that will serve as your ambition citizenry of absorption throughout the continuance of your abutting accounting appointment and Final Project. Select one amid the afterward groups from Affiliate 1: Vulnerable mothers and children Abused individuals Chronically ill and disabled bodies   People diagnosed with HIV/AIDS People diagnosed with brainy conditions Suicide- and homicide-liable people People afflicted by booze and actuality abuse Indigent and abandoned people Immigrants and refugees Groups for appropriate application (you may adduce a altered accessible citizenry at the accord of the instructor) Once you accept called a accumulation of interest, abode a three folio cardboard that covers the following: Discuss the appulse that at atomic two of the factors beneath accept on the vulnerability of your called group: Age Gender Culture/Ethnicity Income Analyze the circle of social, political, and bread-and-butter factors affecting vulnerability (must abode all three factors). Draft the architecture of a new archetypal program, not currently exact aural your community. Accommodate a two- to- three branch account that introduces your proposed association program. This area is acting and ability change as you conduct added research. At a minimum, however, items to abode should include: An account of the issues and accident factors accomplished by the called population.   An appraisal of the bloom needs of the accumulation and a proposed continuum of affliction akin (preventive, treatment, or abiding care) based on the group’s issues, accident factors, and needs.  Justify the proposed akin with admiring research/evidence. A description of one to two proposed casework your affairs will include.  Your appointment should be a minimum of three pages in breadth (excluding appellation and advertence pages), and should accommodate a minimum of three bookish sources cited according to APA guidelines as categorical in the Ashford Writing Center.   Required Resources Required Text Burkholder, D. M., & Nash, N. B.  (2013). Special populations in bloom affliction [Electronic version]. Retrieved from Chapter 3: Why are Some Added Accessible than Others? This affiliate provides facts and analysis on why some populations are added accessible than others and why it is so acute to accept an able affliction continuum. Chapter 4: Seeking an Able Affliction Continuum This affiliate reviews the altered approaches to bloom care. Articles American Physical Therapy Association. (2012). Affliction Continuum Alliance issues 2012 bloom affliction outlook.  PT in Motion, 4(3), 11.  The full-text adaptation of this commodity can be accessed through the EBSCOhost database in the Ashford University Library. Herrenkohl, T. (2012). Pediatrics; marriage, apprenticeship can advice advance abundance of adults abused as children.  Pediatrics Week, 92.  The full-text adaptation of this commodity can be accessed through the ProQuest database in the Ashford University Library. Multimedia Kilberg, R. (Producer), & Margolis, B. (Director).  (2008). Reinventing healthcare --  A Fred Friendly academy [Video file].  Retrieved from the Films On Demand database. To appearance the Privacy Policy and Accessibility Statements for this source, amuse appearance the Privacy Policies and Accessibility Statements listed in your Syllabus. Recommended Resources Article Kane, R. A. (2012).  Reflections of a affliction activist.  Generations, 36(1), 64-68.  The full-text adaptation of this commodity can be accessed through the EBSCOhost database in the Ashford University Library. Website National Center on Elder Abuse (Links to an alien site.).  (

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