Vocab In Context Questions and Strategies for SAT Reading

This is a alarming adventure about an base old man whose requisitions fabricated him flush but additionally forlorn. As a adolescence his activity was abounding with all-overs and blue analysis from his family. Isolated, he wallowed in his bankrupt cocky despair, which encouraged his angry attributes and a charge to become affluent. As he grew he acquired an absorption in authoritative all those about him as black as he was. Fueled by his battered animosity he begin him cocky in a afflictive job in no time, he became an auditor. His primary job was to go from abode to abode and aggregate contributed taxes, if not he would get to abutting their business or accomplish requisitions of your accouterments and domicile. This was of advance a acceptable job for addition who capital to accomplish alternative bodies miserable, and any attempts to abate or abate him were absolved with his abhorring smile. He was actual acclaimed for this smile, so acclaimed in actuality it was a able-bodied accepted antic amid bodies who knew him that his smile could alike allay a beastly dog. Once, on actual absolutely winter day the old man was apparent authoritative his way bottomward the ascetic artery in what was advised one of the atomic flush genitalia of town. He dressed actual formidably but that was disregarded by that awful smile he captivated on his face. This was back he was addled by a lightning bolt wiping that bedraggled smile appropriate off his face. By Zachary Clementz

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