Vinca plants

The agreement is to booty 4 Vinci plants, which are about the aforementioned size, health, and beginning stages and acquisition out which one will abound the best. Anniversary of the plants will accept 75 ml of a aqueous boondoggle for 10 days. My Grandma bought them from Loses on September 20, 2011 for me. Breakdown of the plants are as follows: Ascendancy bulb will get tap water. Bulb A will get Milk from the refrigerator. Bulb B will get Lou Ana Pure Vegetable 011. Bulb C will get candied tea. We fabricated up a bullpen Just for the experiment, so that It s the aforementioned every day. Experiment: Every day for 10 canicule put in 75 ml of aqueous of a specific aqueous into anniversary bulb and see which one will abound the best. Hypothesis: I anticipate the one with milk is activity to abound best of the three, not including the control. Milk is acceptable for the anatomy and I anticipate it could additionally be acceptable for plants. Day Afore The Agreement Began: Mom got the plants for me from Loses the day afore so they were fresh. Additionally will charge 4 Styrofoam plates, 4 according admeasurement containers for the liquids, appearance tape, abiding markers, camera, and ruler. 1 . Booty the plants to breadth they are activity to e absolute time. For me it was the covered lanai in the aback of our house. 2. Put Styrofoam plates and abode one beneath anniversary bulb - prevents cantankerous contagion and keeps the table clean. 3. Get cycle of appearance band and a abiding marker. 4. Cut band into 4 according strips. 5. Mark anniversary band with name and put on plant. 6. Collect the four containers for the liquids. 7. Put in 1st alembic baptize from the tap and put lid on it. In 2nd container, caked in 4 cups of milk, in 3rd alembic fabricated up candied tea and caked in 4 cups, and in final alembic caked in 4 cups of vegetable oil. Water and oil containers remained on the counter, and the milk and tea containers were in the refrigerator. Day Of The Experiment: I absitively to admeasurement and baptize my plants afore academy in the morning and aboriginal on the weekends. 1. Day one, I afresh took pictures of anniversary plant. 2. Afresh I abstinent anniversary bulb and wrote bottomward the sizes in my Journal. 3. With a barometer cup, I admeasurement out ml (1/C) of anniversary aqueous and cascade it into the able plant. I bathe out the bottle cup in amid anniversary blazon of liquid. 4. I Jot bottomward observations on the plants anniversary day in a Journal. 5. I additionally attending at the bi-weekly to e authentic on the temperatures for the day afore and agenda it in the Journal, forth with any acclimate (like rain, clouds, etc). 6. Repeat accomplish 1 thru 3 for the abutting 10 days. September 21, 2011 Day 1 of the Experiment: Observations: All four plants are new, actual advantageous and accept abounding flowers in altered stages of opening. Plants are in aboriginal alembic with Styrofoam plates beneath them so there is no cantankerous contamination. Plants are in the covered balustrade breadth to accumulate from accepting wet from any rain so they will not be attenuated by rain water. Get sun all afternoon. We took pictures and abstracts of plants, as apparent below. Ascendancy Bulb - Baptize 9" alpine Bulb A- Milk Bulb alpine Bulb C - Candied Tea 8" alpine 94/72 Actual Sunny! All plants are the aforementioned acme as yesterday. All still attending actual healthy. The water, candied tea and milk bulb were dry on the basal today - oil was actual wet. It had a acceptable basin on plate. Flowers still attending acceptable on all. It was actual brilliant in the morning, balmy and had a lot of rain in the afternoon. Ascendancy Bulb - Baptize 9 h"" alpine Bulb C- Candied Tea 8" alpine 90/73 September 23, 2011 Day 3 of the Experiment: candied tea, and milk bulb were dry on the basal today - oil was actual wet. It had a acceptable basin on plate. We had to dump out so it did not run all over the table. Flowers still attending acceptable on all - I am surprised. Had some sun afore it rained. 91/72 September 24, 2011 Day 4 of the Experiment: bowl NASTY!! It was abounding of corrupt pond blazon scum. My mom fabricated me change the bowl because it stank and was afraid about the baby bugs aerial about the plant. Oil and tea plants are okay. All plants are actual moist. All plants still attending okay. Pictures taken this morning to appearance new look. It was blurred best of the day. Forecast calls for rain all weekend. 0 Ascendancy Bulb - Baptize 10" alpine Bulb B -Oil 8 h" tall Plant C- Candied Tea 9" alpine 92172 September 25, 2011 Day 5 of the Experiment: They all attending the same. Milk bulb absolutely stinks - baby bugs aerial about it. Blurred best of the day. Bulb A- Milk 9" alpine Bulb 8 w alpine Bulb C- Candied Tea 8 h" alpine 90/72 September 26, 2011 Day 6 of the Experiment: The milk bulb stinks and there are bugs aerial about it and the flowers are falling off. All others attending okay. 0 Bulb A -Milk 8 along Bulb B -Oil 8 w alpine Bulb C -Sweet Tea 8 h" alpine 92/70 September 27, 2011 Day 7 of the Experiment: Milk bulb absolutely STINKS-there is a cream like algae that comes out afterwards giving it a rink. The flowers are dying and falling off. Leaves not so big, bulb looks worse today-leaves attending beneath blooming than the others. The milk bulb is SHRINKING!!!!!!!! Ascendancy Bulb - Baptize 10 h" alpine Bulb A- Milk 7 h" alpine Bulb 8" alpine Plants-sweetmeat 7" alpine September 28, 2011 Day 8 of the Experiment: The ascendancy bulb is accomplishing The milk bulb is The oil bulb is affectionate slouchy. Candied tea bulb accomplishing fine. Bulb A- Milk 7" alpine Bulb B -Oil 7 h" alpine September 29, 2011 Day 9 of the Experiment: The ascendancy bulb is the alone one accomplishing good. All others are dying. Leaves all crinkled, plants aptitude over. Milk bulb still stinks. Gave it new bowl acquisitive some of the bugs would go away. Cannot acquaint if others stink. Bulb B -Oil 7 w alpine 90/68 September 30, 2011 Day 10 of the Experiment: Milk bulb is disgusting. It smells so bad that my grandma threw up back affective it this morning. Had to move plants abroad from the aperture - aroma was too gross! New pictures of the plants were taken. All plants except ascendancy are dying. Leaves all channelled all aptitude over and the flowers are dying. Ascendancy bulb looks great. Bulb B -Oil 7" alpine 90/67 All of the plants, except the ascendancy plant, are absolutely dying. Apparently, you should never accord plants annihilation but water. The dying plants accept angled leaves and the flowers are all channelled up. The dying plants accept all diminished in size. The ascendancy bulb is advantageous blooming and tall. Bulb A- Milk 6" alpine Bulb 6 h" alpine Bulb C -Sweet Tea 6 h" alpine CONCLUSION OF MY EXPERIMENT: The alone bulb that did able-bodied was the one with apparent water. My antecedent was wrong. The milk bulb did the affliction by far! If I was to do this agreement again, I would never, and I beggarly never, aces milk as one of the liquids. I would like to try some added altered liquids, like tap baptize with answer abound (fertilizer) and fabricated Cool-Aid, because it is basically baptize with amoroso and aliment coloring. I would like to see if bulb does able-bodied with Cool-Aid because it is about all baptize and would like to apperceive if the aliment appearance would change the blush of the plant/flowers. I would like to run this agreement in the summer time back it is hotter and they would get added sunlight. Wonder if the bootless plants would accept died faster in hotter temperatures or if they would accept fared better. My alternative anticipation on liquids was the try Coca-Cola as one of the liquids.

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