Village Uplift

India is an agronomical country. So, it is a country of villages. Most of the Indians alive in the villages. India cannot advance if her villages do not improve. The present action of villages: The present action of the Indian villages is actual bad. The Indian villagers are ignorant. That do not apperceive how to apprehend and write. They do not apperceive hygiene. They blow aloft the superstition and the dark faith. Hence, they abatement accessible casualty to the epidemics. Their bloom is additionally actual bad. They are anemic and frail. Their angle is actual limited. They affray amid themselves over petty affairs. The apple touts and litigants annoyance the innocent bodies into bad litigation. Bodies do not apperceive bigger adjustment of cultivation. They accept abandoned their acceptable cottage industry. Hence, their banking action is not good. The able adolescent villagers army to the cities to assignment in the factory. So, the agronomics ache in the apple area. The bullocks are neglected. The beasts are actual ailing milch. How to boost the village: The community people, the acceptance and the accomplished bodies should attending to this problem. Free and compulsatory primary schools should be opened in every village. Night schools should be opened for the developed people. The villages should accumulate their apple accurate and clean. Sanitary assignment should be consistently done. Dispensary should be opened in every apple centre. Bodies should be accomplished bigger adjustment of farming. The apple industries should be revived. The beasts abundance of the villages should be looked after. Bee-keeping and poultry-farming should be encouraged in the villages. The apple Panchayat should be alive in the respect. The villages should not affray amid themselves over the appealing affairs. Co-operation, acceptable neighborly-hood and fraternity should be alloyed amid them. Co-operative agriculture should be encouraged. Conclusion: Apple upliftment is no agnosticism necessary. The villagers should apperceive their assignment for this. They should anticipate of the abundance of their village. The Government has provided Community Project, National Extension Scheme and the apple Panchayat system. The villagers should accomplish the best use of them.

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