Vignette Analysis I- Week 3

This assignment provides the befalling for you to authenticate your adeptness to administer the concepts covered throughout the course. This appointment MUST be typed, double-spaced, in APA style, and charge be accounting at alum akin English. You charge accommodate the actual presented in the text and adduce your assignment according to APA format.  Culture and Legal/Ethical appliance are required. [This advice can be begin in Part I as able-bodied as in capacity throughout the advance text]. You are additionally encouraged to use alfresco cultural assets to enhance your understanding. Use the Case of Stan and Case of Gwen as a adviser to abstract application, referencing in APA style. See Sample Vignette Analysis amid beneath Resources Your acknowledgment to each vignette should be 1-2 pages per vignette for a absolute of 5-6 pages for the absolute assignment plus a appellation and advertence page. Do not archetype and adhesive the vignettes into your accounting response   Vignette One      Jack, a 28-year old man, tells you: “Most of my activity I acquire acquainted pushed and pulled. My ancestor pushed me into school, sports, and so forth, and over the years my acerbity grew for him. He was consistently administering and authoritative my activity and assault me back I challenged his authority. My mother consistently gave me a warm, actual adulation and approved to cull me beneath her careful wing. My parents afar back I was 18 and after affectionate ascendancy I began a activity of self-will in my relationships and in my use of drugs and alcohol. On admission from college, I alone my father’s wishes to accompany a career and alternate to academy to seek addition degree. In some agency it’s aloof a abode to be that I like. Best of my activity revolves about active for today, a gluttonous appearance that has no actuality of goals and aspirations, with a abridgement of analogue of `what a man should be.’ I float in and out of people’s lives. They see an angel of me as a bandit of women, a biologic freak, and a algid bastard. My abhorrence is that I am annihilation added than that image, that I am abandoned inside. I appetite to be able to accessible up and let bodies see the warmer, added acute abandon of me, but I acquire abhorrent adversity accomplishing that. I acquire a able charge to become abutting and affectionate with others, yet I never let myself become accessible because I abhorrence actuality abased on them and trapped by their love.”   Assume that Jack comes to you for claimed analysis and that all you apperceive about him is what he told you above. Answer the afterward questions on how you ability advance with Jack within a Psychoanalytic anatomy of reference:   1.    As a psychoanalytic therapist, do you anticipate that Jack’s accepted abhorrence to become accessible to others out of his abhorrence of “being abased on them and trapped by their love” has abundant to do with his mother’s actual love? How ability this acquaintance be accompanying to his relationships with women now?  2.    Jack describes his ancestor as an authoritarian, controlling, and atrocious man who allegedly had accepted account of what he capital Jack to become. What are the basal cerebral aspects that you see complex with Jack’s bounce of his father’s wishes? How ability you use psychoanalytic counseling approach to explain the actuality that in abounding agency he became what his ancestor did not appetite him to become?   Vignette Two      Alice and Javier, both in their aboriginal 30’s, acquire been affiliated for 7 years and acquire three adolescent children. Javier is a Latino, and Alice is a Pacific Islander. Neither his ancestors nor chastening was actual admiring of marrying a being “not of your own kind.” Consequently, Javier and Alice do not see their parents actual often. She feels a absolute gap after this affiliation with her family; he maintains that if that’s the way his ancestors wants it, so be it. They acquire been accepting a abundant accord of adversity as a ancestors for several years. Alice seems to anticipate that Javier is far too austere with the children, ambitious abounding accordance after question. He admits he is a adamantine taskmaster, but he says that’s the way it was for him in his family.      Alice would like to get a job, yet she stops herself from because it because Javier becomes acutely agitated back she alike mentions the issue. His acknowledgment is: “Why can’t you be annoyed with what you have? It reflects ailing on me if you acquire to go alfresco and get work!” Alice has tended to acquire the role of befitting accord in the family, about at any price. This agency not accomplishing abounding of the things she would like to do, lest it advance to an accretion of the conflicts amid them. Alice has assuredly absitively that alike if it rocks the baiter and causes a storm, she cannot abide active as she has. She has asked Javier to go to counseling with her. He has agreed, reluctantly, mostly to acquire her bigger and “do whatever can be done to advice her.”   Assume that Alice and Javier appear to you for claimed analysis and that all you apperceive about them is what they told you above. Answer the afterward questions on how you ability advance with this couple within an Adlerian anatomy of reference:   1.    As an Adlerian therapist you will appetite to accomplish abiding that your goals and the goals of Alice and of Javier are in alignment. How ability you go about this? What if Javier and Alice acquire altered goals? How ability the actuality that he is a Latino and she is a Pacific Islander be cogent in ambience goals?  2.    If you had to brainstorm at this moment, what are Alice’s “basic mistakes”? Javier’s?  What specific Adlerian techniques ability you be best absorbed to apply in alive with this couple?   Vignette Three       Paul, a 30-year old gay man, has afresh begin out that he has AIDS. He knows that the ache is austere and acceptable requires analysis throughout his life. Paul is gluttonous counseling to advice him accord with accepting his analysis after acerbity and hostility. He is abounding with acerbity over his fate; he keeps allurement why this had to appear to him. He tells you that at first, he could not acquire the analysis was correct. Back he assuredly got several added able opinions that accepted he had AIDS, he began to feel added and added anger—toward God, against his advantageous friends, whom he envied, and about against the bent of his situation. He tells you that he was aloof starting to alive the affairs he denied himself all of his developed activity and that he had a administration he was activity in professionally. Now aggregate will acquire to change. After he tells you this, he is sitting beyond from you cat-and-mouse for your response. Assume that Paul comes to you for claimed therapy and that all you apperceive about him is what he told you above. Answer the afterward questions on how you ability advance with Paul within an Existential/Person Centered anatomy of reference:    1.    Paul tells you that one of the affidavit he is advancing to see you is his admiration to acquire his fate. How would you assignment with him to accretion this acceptance? What specific things ability you do to advice him acquisition agency of active the blow of his activity to its fullest? 2.    Do you see any possibilities for allowance Paul acquisition acceptation in his activity in the face of death? What assortment issues and ethical considerations ability appear in your assignment with Paul?   Corey, G.   (2017).   Approach and Practice of Counseling and Psychotherapy.   (10th ed.).   Belmont, CA   Cengage.    ISBN: 9781305263727

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