Video Presentation (Read Carefully)

Environmental Influences on Blackmailer Trends and Patterns City admiral accept asked your administration administrator to accommodate advice on ecology influences on blackmailer trends and patterns. Your administrator has asked you to actualize a video presentation on this affair to present to burghal admiral at their account meeting. The video presentation should accommodate four examples of ecology influences and an appraisal of how anniversary one influences blackmailer trends and patterns . You can actualize the video presentation appliance Microsoft PowerPoint or addition video appliance you are accustomed with using. Account charge be included in the video presentation. (THIS WILL BE DONE BY ME) To actualize the video presentation, chase these steps: Step 1: Research the topic. Accommodate at atomic three reliable sources to abutment the capital message, including visuals/graphics. Accommodate four or added visuals (e.g., photo, table, diagram, chart, etc.) Accept at a minimum of 8 slides with abundant apostle addendum for  each accelerate if applicable Step 2: Actualize an outline for the presentation in Microsoft Word. The outline should blueprint how the presentation will appearance anniversary point you ambition to accomplish to the admirers and accommodate apostle addendum you will use for the narration. Write the apostle addendum as if you are presenting to a alive audience. Accommodate references to sources, including graphics, cited in APA style. Note: You accept to abide the outline with the PowerPoint to accept abounding acclaim for this Assignment. So there will charge to be 1 chat doc and 1 PowerPoint. This appointment charge accommodate the following Contains a appellation and references slide/screen Research and visuals are cited in APA commendation format, both in-text and on a References slide/screen and in a abstracted Microsoft Chat document. You charge to adduce actual taken anon from a source. The aforementioned standards for documenting sources that administer to an essay, administer to a presentation. Designed with the admirers in apperception in adjustment to acquaint your admirers about the topic. Presentation outline should accommodate abundant apostle notes, and references to sources, including graphics, cited in APA style. You will charge to altercate how you evaluated the believability of the assets you used

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