Victor WEEK 5 Refutation Essay

  ENG 122 Refutation Article Assignment For this appointment you will be autograph a 2-3 folio acknowledgment essay that addresses and refutes a angle that opposes your own. This article charge accommodate an addition that engages the clairvoyant and presents a apriorism account and a anatomy that summarizes the opposing views, makes concessions (if necessary), challenges the opposing views, and presents a altered angle or new approach if appropriate. It charge additionally accommodate a cessation that restates the apriorism and looks to the future. Remember to accommodate transitions amid sections as able-bodied as between alone account aural paragraphs. This cardboard charge advance APA formatting and use at atomic 3 sources from the Opposing Viewpoints database, which can be found through the Wilmington University library site.   Examples of Acknowledgment Arguments: Why you disagree with a specific law. Why you disagree with a specific political policy. Why you disagree with rules actuality acclimated by an organization, company, or school. Why you disagree with a specific access to a project, job, or task. Resources for this Assignment:   Chapter 13 of Argument Today includes: o  Possible structural patterns (page 261) o  How to adapt and abstract your acknowledgment (pages 266- 268) o  10 things you charge to apperceive about acknowledgment autograph (page 270)   Example refutation: pages 272-275 in Argument Today

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