“Victim, Creator, and Growth”

  ****DUE IN 8 HRS**** Victim/creator Quiz: https://content.grantham.edu/academics/GU_GU101/lecture_w3.htm Interpretation of victim/creator quiz results In a branch of 125 words, allotment your after-effects from the victim vs. architect assessment. Given these results, explain what that agency about you and how you are acceptable to acknowledge in the face of a arduous situation. Why is your acknowledgment important in a university setting?  Summary of Advance Mindset article  First, admission our online library (EBSCOhost). In the chase box, blazon Dweck advance mindset. Select one of the accessories to apprehend and be abiding to almanac the appellation of the article, author(s) and source. Second, abridge the capital credibility of the article. Here is how you address a summary: afterwards you apprehend one paragraph, stop and jot bottomward the “take away” point from that passage. Then go on to the abutting paragraph. You charge use your own words, you cannot archetype the author’s wording. If your commodity is composed of 32 paragraphs, your arbitrary will abide of 32 sentences.  Compare victim/creator with growth/fixed mindsets  In addition branch of at atomic 125 words, analyze the victim/creator quiz after-effects and the advance mindsets, application your own words and examples. How are they similar, and how do they differ?  Discuss searches for sources You searched EBSCOhost for an commodity on Dweck’s advance mindset. Discuss the after-effects of this chase – how did you absolute the search, how abounding sources did you find, and what kinds of sources were they?     �@0.+)&%

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