Via Negativa: A Way of Talking to God

Vla Negatlva Is a way of talking about God In alone abrogating terms. For example, God Is not mortal; or God is not human. Both of these acquaint what God is not, instead of what he is. This is because our ability of God is bound by our bound animal understanding, therefore. as God is out of this Universe, we acquisition it acutely adamantine to allocution about him. Saint Augustine said "If you comprehend, it is not God. If you are able to comprehend, It is because you aberration article abroad for God. Vla Negatlva allows us to analyze God to things aural our Universe that we understand, acceptance s a faculty of acceptance with God, about not acceptance us to ability a abounding understanding. This simple acceptance Is allusive abundant for many, Including the like of Maimonides and Pseudo-Dionysius. Alternative philosophers accept that this abrogating way of speaking about God, is not the alone allusive way to allocution of him. These will be discussed added aural the essay. Moses Maimonides said that Via Negativa was the alone accurate way to allege of God. God is transcendent, so it is absurd to say what God is, we don't know. He herefore absitively the alone way we could allege of him, Is to allocution In negatives. He gave the archetype of 'God is not a animal being. This Is because he Is transcendent, so cannot accept a body. ' Maimonides believes that by giving absolute annual to God, we are blurred God to our animal akin of understanding. Words like 'good' or 'loving', which are generally acclimated to call God, are artlessly are interpretations of those words, God is absolute so in no way is he bedfast to this basal understanding. sing Via Positiva is Improper and disrespectful. However, Maimonides agrees that one absolute tatement can be fabricated about God, and this is that he exists, this is because the accomplished assumption of Vla Negativa is based on the Abstraction that God exists. Pseudo- Dionysius follows the aforementioned acceptance as Maimonides, additionally advertence that God is above affirmation and above denial, acceptation that whatever you say about God, alike if negative, doesnt ultimately acquaint us what God Is, It artlessly provides us with airy compassionate of Him. This way of abnormally speaking still allows us to recognise God as 'good'. Alike If we say 'God Is not good,' this can fabricated that God Is added than ust good, he may be wholly absolute So this annual of speaking still allows for God actuality transcendent. It additionally accepts the actuality that the bound cannot get a accurate butt of the infinite. However, there are a few Issues with this view. This approach simple assumes that there is a God to allocution about back there is no affidavit of this; some accept that the actuality we cannot call God, suggests there Is not annihilation to be descrlblng. If we were to alone anytime allocution about altar in a abrogating manner, we would never butt actually what an article was, alone what it was not. Finally, abounding religious bodies accept that it is important to appearance God as absolute and good, so Via Negativa removes this abstraction for the religious followers. Alternative philosophers booty the complete adverse appearance of religious language, adage there is actually no allusive way to allocution about God. This appearance was taken by the Vienna Circle who believed that alone analytic propositions and constructed propositions 1 OF3 are meanlngTul. Analytic Decause tne Ability comes tnrougn analytic reasoning, eg. he man was dead, so was not alive; constructed attempt because they can b accurate o be accurate or false, so there ability can calmly be shown, eg. The baptize is 27 degrees. The Vienna Circle followed the Verification Principle; this appropriate that alone empirically absolute statements are meaningful, one that can be absolute by faculty experience. Allusive accent involves discussing things that abide alone in reality. Accordingly God does not fit into this class back he exists alfresco of our reality. Artlessly put, the Vienna Circle accept that there is no allusive way to altercate talk. However, the assumption allows actual facts to be meaningful, as they ould be absolute at the time. Therefore, could not some of God's actuality be verified? For example, 'Jesus was aloft from the dead,' is a actual actuality and was absolute by abounding at the time. There is allowance for God to abide aural the principle, so their abstraction was weak. There are additionally issues with the actuality that the assumption itself is not verifiable, so accordingly is a agglomeration of absurd opinions. Hereby the Vienna Circle and their annual are generally overlooked. Paul Tillich is a philosopher of symbolism. He believes that symbols accessible up ealms of compassionate that we generally cannot access. A symbols stands for article alternative than whatever is represented, he gives the archetype of the American Flag; not alone does it represent America, but it shows the accord and the backbone of the nation. These accessory meanings are generally things that we would attempt to explain, but a symbols makes it accessible for us to recognise them and again affectation them to others. Another archetype is a simple adulation heart; that affection can beggarly a lot of things too abounding altered people, Justice, peace, love, safety... Symbols acquiesce claimed nderstanding. Tillich accordingly believes that symbols can be acclimated to allocution about God in a allusive way. He suggests that adoration and God are things of Ultimate Concern, things that we should strive to understand. God is a representation of abounding things like Justice, adulation and infinity. We attempt to accept these things normally, but adoration symbolises these things and allows us to understand. Therefore, religious acceptance is a way of accepting these symbols, accouterment a abundant accord of acceptation to God. Tillich again suggests that God can be announced about in a allusive way, by sing symbols to explain abounding of his accepted features. However, bodies acquisition issues with this idea, mainly that adoration is symbolising alternative things and isn't absolutely in existence. It appears to lower God's ability by artlessly adage that he is acclimated as an article of representation, rather than of his own abundant importance. Abounding religious bodies animosity this view, adage that God is the ultimate ability and should not be bargain to such standards. There are abounding alternative theories on how to allege of God and whether it is allusive or not; Aquinas' appearance on analogy, Hare's blik... but I acquisition Tillich's appearance on eligious accent to be the best.

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