Veterans in the U. S. as of 2012

Also, currently not abundant affliction is accustomed to veterans. Veterans accept adherent their lives to this country and accept fabricated abounding sacrifices. There are about 21. illion veterans In the U. S. as of 2012. Of those veterans over 32,000 soldiers were blood-soaked in Iraq. Also 4,787 U. S. troops died in Iraq confined their country. This account is not as accepted as you would think, and I accept added accomplishment should be put into demography affliction for all our veterans. The New Affordable Affliction Act makes it actual difficult for veterans to accept reliable medical allowances and some alike do added for our country. Abounding veterans still accord to the nation's assignment force, alike afterwards abiding home from war. Over bisected of the veterans In the U. S. are still able to assignment afterwards abiding rom war. Many veterans ache from post-traumatic accent ataxia (PTSD) and are not accustomed the able absorption and affliction to get aback on their anxiety and acquisition a job. 1 OF2 stu01es snow tnat 4 cases 0T PISD were present arter tne Vletnam war, ana 1 actor lifetime cases as a aftereffect of the aforementioned war. A third of the veterans in the U. S. are out of a Job due to the affection of PTSD. The VA needs to booty it aloft themselves to advice veterans cope with activity afterwards the war, so that they can get their activity aback on track. Afterwards abiding home from war veterans acquisition it actual difficult to get a Job and accommodate or themselves. Especially the individuals who were wounded, while arresting their country. A majority of these bodies are blood-soaked mentally as able-bodied as physically, and they cannot accommodate for themselves anymore. Abounding bodies accept that veterans are added of a affliction than annihilation else. Since their tax dollars are actuality acclimated to armamentarium programs like the VA. These organizations are authoritative it actual difficult for veterans to accept any bloom benefits. The new aphorism is that veterans charge be alive assignment for 24 connected months in adjustment to be acceptable for any affectionate of medical coverage. Veterans hat accept put their lives on the band to avert their country should not accept to anguish about how they are activity to accommodate for themselves. It is my close acceptance that the VA should extend their abutment for all veterans for aggregate they accept done for our country. This account should be provided to veterans forever. Veterans accept done added than abundant to deserve this care, and they can still accord to the activity force. Finally, not abundant affliction is accustomed to our veterans. Amid 130,000 and 200,000 veterans are abandoned in America. This represents amid one fourth and one fifth of all of the abandoned bodies in the country.

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