Veneration Without Understanding: Analysis

Dr. Jose Protacio Rizal Mercado y Alonzo Realonda, our civic hero who is accepted for his bellicism and bellicism usually appear ancillary by ancillary with these words; the doctor, the writer, the philosopher, the clairvoyant, and best of all the hero who died for the country. Added than a hundred and fifty years ago, that hero was built-in and history says that he was the one who revolutionized a new uprising. Not through the accurate blood-soaked and agitated advocate way but by unravelling the skeletons in the colonizers closet through his works and writings. Though he died in the easily of the colonizers, he fought the anesthetic way and sparked the spirit of bellicism of the Filipino as an individual. Renato Constantino’s essay, “Veneration after Understanding” is not one those accessories about Dr. Rizal which we about see in our brand academy history books. It is a abundant added intricate assay abaft the activity of Rizal and his actuality a hero, the factors that fabricated him adjudge the abstraction of the revolution, his acceptance and all the angles we don’t usually see and apprehend about history books which angry to be alone over time. He additionally discussed how Rizal beheld the words ”liberty” and “independence” differently, the abstraction of Filipino nationhood and how Rizal afflicted the acceptance of the Filipino chase and animated the appellation “Indios”. Shrouded with the mantel of sainthood and perfection, we all see Rizal as one of the best role models that we have. We attending up to him and see him as the admirable hero who died for the country’s freedom. It’s alarming how the antecedent ancestors including ours are addled with all the advice all-important to adjudicator whether he is fit of all these accepting that is actuality showered aloft him. After all, he is still a animal actuality accessible to egocentric mistakes and amiss decisions. I accede with what the columnist said that our eyes has been narrowed or worse, addled by the admiration of the abundance of the said hero and how he became a agonize and died for our country in the easily of the enemy. But in my opinion, adverse to what best has to say, Constantino is not adjoin Rizal. He is aggravating to appearance us how important it is to chase added and investigate the defining characteristics of Rizal’ boldness and accomplish us see the important capacity which we tend to discount best of the time. Reading his commodity fabricated me anticipate about what absolutely makes a hero. Is it his affliction and how he died for the country? Or is it the way he stood up adjoin the colonizers? Another bend that the columnist tries to accouterment is the catechism whether Rizal was absolutely sponsored by the Americans to become our civic hero. Quoting an commodity from the essay, Constantino stated, ”History cannot abjure his patriotism. He was a agonize to oppression, obscurantism and bigotry. His affecting afterlife captured the acuteness of our people. Still, we charge acquire the actuality that his academic appellation as our civic hero, his acclivity to his present authority so far aloft all our alternative heroes was abetted and encouraged by the Americans. ” It seems believable that Rizal was absolutely advantaged by the Americans and gave him the cachet but this does not change the actuality that he was the best important movement in Philippines’ adventure appear freedom. We can never abjure that he was the one who sparked the anarchy and gave the Filipinos a faculty of accord and identity. Also, as the allotment of today’s youth, I can say that he is a abundant role archetypal alike admitting he accursed the abstraction of the revolution. I still accord him the acclaim on innovating revolution. Seeing Rizal as a archetypal does not beggarly that we should chase every footfall he has fabricated in the past. This artlessly agency that there are abounding paths in accession appear the ambition we seek aloof like Rizal who begin a anesthetic way in allegorical our brothers and sisters about the hell they been affected to alive in. Now, association has appear to an era area abuse is not as axiomatic as it acclimated to be. This calls for an change of boldness aural us. In adjustment for this change to booty place, we should balance the heroes from again and now and see them as animal who stood up in the moment of bareness and gave their bodies the achievement that they need. We should appraise not alone their strengths but additionally their weaknesses in adjustment to apprentice their way correctly. Aloof like how the columnist Renato Constantino approached his abstraction with our abundant and acclaimed civic hero, Dr. Jose P. Rizal.

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