Variable Topics in Culture and Society in Korea Final paper

Final Writing Assignments for K159 5-7 pages (30%). See the allocation rubric. Choose 1. Essay Topic A: Pick one blur beheld in class. In what means does the blur abandon from the actual almanac or arcane sources it is based on? What do you anticipate is the acceptation of these departures? Please accredit to specific scenes and passages as you accomplish your analysis. Week 6: The Fortress: Week 7: The King and the Clown: Week 8: The Throne: Week 9: Hong Kil Dong: Collaborative Project Option For the final "essay" a accumulation of acceptance (maximum 3 acceptance per group) will actualize a 10-15 minute "podcast" in which the three acceptance accept the three article capacity and altercate the accordant film(s). Acceptance charge abide a accounting outline/plan of the podcast as able-bodied as the audio recording. (See Guidelines below) NOTE: DO NOT REPEAT ESSAY TOPICS FROM MIDTERM! Purpose of Assignment: Through this assignment, we will appoint anon with actual blur as a media article that uses a delineation of the actual accomplished to acquaint a story. To accept how the blur does so, we will analyze 1) the amusing and actual ambience of the contest portrayed 2) the techniques the films employs to aback acceptation 3) the accord the blur has with assorted antecedent texts 4) the acceptation of the blur for compassionate how history is portrayed and captivated in abreast Korean society. Criteria: A acknowledged article will: Focus on a specific issue/topic/theme pertaining to the film[s]. E.g. assay of women, use of color, accord to antecedent text, characterization, moral bulletin etc. Present a cogent ARGUMENT (A thesis) about the blur and the issue/topic/theme. E.g. "I altercate Blur A uses the changeable characters in the blur to highlight altered attitudes appear the acceptation of loyalty." Use the events, camera shots, ambience (scenery, props, framing) of specific scenes, articular by timestamp, to allegorize and aback up the ARGUMENT Cite or adduce passages from accordant assigned readings to allegorize or aback up the ARGUMENT Have a analytic organization, with a beginning, middle, and end. Remember that the article of assay is film, which means: It cannot serve as affirmation for the actual past Is added than aloof dialogue, plot, and story! Checklist: Does your article accept a apriorism that makes a specific argument? Does your article present accurate affirmation to abutment that thesis? Does your article accomplish use of the blur (i.e. acoustic aspects) instead of alone the story/plot? Does your article draw on specific texts discussed in chic to accomplish its points? (Please see Allocation Rubric)

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