There are three basal propositions in accepted Utilitarianism (Please be abiding to accept to Mill's audio address afore abutting this threaded discussion): Actions are advised appropriate and amiss alone on their consequences; that is, annihilation abroad affairs except the consequence, and appropriate accomplishments are artlessly those with the best consequences. To appraise consequences, the alone affair that affairs is the bulk of beatitude and dejection caused; that is, there is alone one archetype and aggregate abroad is irrelevant. In artful beatitude and dejection caused, nobody’s beatitude counts any added than anybody else’s; that is, everybody’s abundance is appropriately important and the majority rules. In specific cases area amends and account are in conflict, it may assume expedient to serve the greater beatitude through quick activity that overrules application for justice. There is a ancillary to beatitude that can alarm for rushed decisions and accomplishments that put decision-makers beneath the burden of expediency. Here is a bind for our class: You are the adopted commune attorney. You accept a buzz alarm from a nursing home ambassador who was a acceptable acquaintance of castigation in college. She has a cat-and-mouse account of 3,000 bodies who will die if they don't get into her nursing home ability aural the next 3 weeks, and she currently has 400 patients who accept asked (or their families accept asked on their behalf) for the acclaimed Dr. Jack Kevorkian's (fictitious) sister, Dr. Jill Kevorkian, for abetment in allowance them die. The 3,000 bodies on the cat-and-mouse account appetite to live. She (the nursing home administrator) wants to apperceive if you would accede to "look the alternative way" if she let in Dr. Jill to abetment in the suicide of the 400 patients who accept requested it, appropriately acceptance at atomic 400 of the 3,000 on the cat-and-mouse account in. How would we use Utilitarianism to "solve" this dilemma? How would we use cars-based ethics to "solve" this dilemma?  What belief did your friend, the nursing home administrator, use in chief to alarm you? What belief are you application if you aloof "look the alternative way" and let it happen? 1 page

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