Using the “Modified 10 Points Template,” identify each of the 10 strategic points in this quantitative dissertation

  Details: In the prospectus, proposal, and argument there are 10 cardinal credibility that charge to be clear, simple, correct, and accumbent to ensure the analysis is doable, valuable, and credible. These points, which accommodate a adviser or eyes for the research, are present in about any analysis study. The adeptness to analyze these credibility is one of the aboriginal abilities adapted in the conception of a applicable doctoral dissertation. In this assignment, you will analyze and appraise 10 cardinal credibility in a appear quantitative analysis study. General Requirements: Use the afterward advice to ensure acknowledged achievement of the assignment: Review the Casteel dissertation. Locate and download "Modified 10 Credibility Template." This appointment uses a rubric. Please analysis the explanation above-mentioned to alpha the appointment to become accustomed with the expectations for acknowledged completion. APA appearance is adapted for this assignment. You are adapted to abide this appointment to Turnitin.  Directions: Using the "Modified 10 Credibility Template," analyze anniversary of the 10 cardinal credibility in this quantitative dissertation. Complete the "Evaluation" area of the arrangement by acclamation the afterward questions (250-500 words) with attention to the 10 cardinal credibility in the study:  Discuss the key credibility in the abstract analysis and how the columnist acclimated this area to analyze the gap or botheration addressed in the study. Describe the variables beneath abstraction and how they are a key basic in this quantitative analysis study. You are not accepted to accept the differences amid variables at this point, but should be able to analyze how they acquaint the problem, purpose, analysis questions and abstracts accumulating instruments. Describe the botheration and how it abreast the analysis questions beneath study. Describe the quantitative architecture acclimated and why it is adapted for the articular botheration and analysis questions. Support your acknowledgment with a peer-reviewed commendation from a analysis source. Assess the account of the instruments acclimated to aggregate abstracts and acknowledgment the analysis questions as able-bodied as to abode the declared problem. Discuss how the botheration account abreast the development of the purpose account in this study. RES-825-RS-Modified10PointsTemplate.docx RES-825-RS-CasteelQuantDissertation.pdf

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