Using Technology to Improve Business Communication

Assignment #2 Application Technology to Advance Business Advice Hans Jacobs October 31, 2011 By Inderjot Shokar Horvathova, P. & Davidova, M. (2011). Application of Aptitude Administration with the useof Advice and Communications Technology in the Czech Republic and OtherDeveloping, Emerging and Transitions Economies. Retrieved fromhttp://web. ebscohost. com. libproxy. auc. ca In this study, the advisers advised the affection of ICT technology forth with aptitude administration actuality acclimated in organizations in one of the regions in the Czech Republic. Out of a accumulation of 237 respondents (all organizations) called for a survey, 96. % had said aptitude administration had not been put into convenance in their organization. In addition survey, 118 of 228 respondents had said they were not accustomed with the process. In affiliation to my topic, this commodity does accent the accent of application technology to advance business communication, how to use it efficiently, and that it’s best able forth with animal interaction. However, it does not altercate how to accumulate technology in perspective, the accent of reconnecting with bodies frequently, and the flaws and distractions of technology if acclimated inappropriately. Tsai, C. , Wang, C. , & Lu, M. 2011). Application The Technology Acceptance Model To Analyze Ease of Use of A Adaptable Advice System. Retrieved from http://web. ebscohost. com. libproxy. auc. ca This commodity discusses the use of adaptable communications to broadcast specific bodies of knowledge. It states that if adaptable communications is to be acclimated as a advice medium, it should accept a simple architecture that users can apparatus in their activity on a circadian basis. Doing so will accomplish bodies added accommodating to use the technology and appropriately convalescent communication. In an agreement of 230 participants, the after-effects showed that this analysis had atisfactory believability and validity. Therefore, this advice is accordant to my affair because it discusses advance through technology of communication. But befitting technology in perspective, abutting with bodies frequently, and application advice technologies productively is not discussed. Bodies should accept this ability to abstain the abrogating furnishings from the use of technology. Bubou, G. M. (2011). Platform Technologies and Socio-economic Development: The Case ofInformation and Communications Technologies (ICTs) in Nigeria. Retrieved fromhttp://web. bscohost. com. libproxy. auc. ca In this case study, the nation of Nigeria is advised to see how far it has developed during the aeon of 2001-2009 with the use of ICT and how ICT will abetment to access the cardinal eyes ‘Vision 20/20/20’ to advance Nigeria’s abridgement . It is now amid the top 10 countries in Africa with the accomplished telecommunication users. In 2001, the tele-density of Nigeria was a beggarly 0. 73%. By the end of December 2010, it grew to 63. 11%. Even internet acceptance has gone up, from 24% in 2007 to 42% in 2009 with over 83 actor subscribers. A above anniversary that fabricated this accessible was the barrage of the aboriginal African advice accessory (NigComSat1). Over $12 billion of Direct Foreign Investment (DFI) has flowed into the country. At a macroeconomic level, the GDP has added by 27. 8% from N6. 7 billion in 2004 to N8. 6 billion in 2005. In 2010, it is said this area will accord to 1. 62% of GDP, with over 50. 9% advance in addition to GDP. In allegory to my topic, the advance through technology for Nigeria is emphasized greatly. However, it has not affected abject on the alternative areas of my topic. Although the advance and development of this country has heavily been impacted by the development and accomplishing of ICTs, the affair of ICT should be discussed in added detail. All aspects should be covered, including the abrogating effects. Bonnie, C. How Do Businesses Use Advice Technology to Advance Their Performance? Retrieved from http://smallbusiness. chron. com This commodity discusses how advice can be key back it comes to befitting all workers in the loop. As it is mentioned, ‘what’s new’ area on the aggregation website can accumulate anybody abreast with what’s activity on with the company. Burning messaging programs can advice acquaint important advice or instructions bound and efficiently. It can additionally amend coworkers and admiral of an employee’s status, whether they are in a meeting, at their desk, or out of the office. Email is still a accepted adjustment of advice and is ideal back a business has assorted offices in assorted areas. In commendations to my topic, advantageous use of technology for business advance is approved able-bodied in this article. Yet they accept not included the downsides of burning messaging. It can prove to be absolutely distracting. Advisers can potentially abusage IM for non-work accompanying discussion, and appropriately abbreviating productivity. As well, it has bootless to acknowledgment befitting technology in angle and how important it is to affix with bodies frequently. Applegate, J. (1999, Nov). Black Enterprise. Retrieved from http://books. google. ca (110-118) In this article, it is discussed how acute it is to use technology to run a business. Suggestions are fabricated for altered types of technologies that any business should accept for its’ day to day operations. Included in these suggestions are cellular phones, two-way pagers, multi-function boxes (printer/scanner/fax/copier), internet account providers, claimed agenda administration (PDAs), wireless modems, online agent training, voicemail, and creating a website. This commodity discusses advance of business through technology but forgets to acknowledgment the cons of abusage for technology, befitting technology in perspective, and the accent of abutting with people. You would appetite to ensure that advisers are application their abstruse accoutrement for assignment purposes. For interpersonal communication, these accoutrement are great. But you do not appetite to abound abased on them. It’s not meant to anticipate and acquaint for you. Communicating through a buzz all day may be convenient, but it acceptable to break in blow contiguous with your workers and contacts. It’s acceptable to apperceive bodies for who they are, because abaft a computer or phone, they are aloof addition voice.

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