Use Word’s Replace to Transpose a Column of Names

Use Word's Replace to alter a cavalcade of names Available from:http://blogs. techrepublic. com. com/msoffice/? p=4156 Date: November 22nd, 2010 Author: Susan Harkins Category: Microsoft Chat You’ll generally see a cavalcade of names entered in a Chat certificate either as a account or allotment of a table. Listing the names is no problem, but alteration their adjustment afterwards they’re entered could be. For instance, let’s say your certificate contains a account of names entered in firstname lastname format, but you appetite them in lastname, firstname format. Do you accept to re-enter them? No, there’s a simple wildcard ambush you can use with Word’s Replace affection that will booty affliction of the barter for you. To get Chat to transform a account or cavalcade of names, do the following: Select the account of names you appetite to transpose. From the Edit menu, accept Replace. In Chat 2010, bang Replace in the Editing accumulation on the Home tab. Bang the More button and analysis the Use Wildcards option. This is an important step—if you absence it, this address won’t work. In the Find What control, access () (), with a amplitude appearance amid the two sets. In the Replace With control, access the afterward characters 2, 1, with a amplitude appearance afore the additional carve character. Bang Replace All. Chat will alter the aboriginal and aftermost names and abstracted them with a breach character. When Chat asks you to aggrandize the search, bang No, and again Close to acknowledgment to the document. Wildcard account Once you accept the wildcards, the accomplished ambush is calmly exposed: (): The parentheses aren’t accurate wildcards, not in a analogous sense. They acquiesce you to bisect a arrangement into analytic sequences. : The brackets mark the alpha and catastrophe of a chat or phrase. : The carve appearance replaces characters, and is acclimated with a cardinal that specifies a affiliated basic (above). In this case, the Find What cipher splits the two names into two abstracted sequences. The 2 basic in the Replace What cipher replaces the capacity of the aboriginal arrangement with the capacity of the additional sequence. The 1 basic replaces the capacity of the additional arrangement with the capacity of the first. As you can see, you’re not bound to aloof barter aboriginal and aftermost names. With these wildcard tools, you can adapt absolutely a bit of content!

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