Part 1: Account these adopted admiral who represent you: US Senators, US Representative, CA Assemblyperson, CA Senator, City Councilperson or County Supervisor. Name the person, the commune cardinal if applicable, and their party. Use internet accoutrement from official sites to actuate these admiral based on your home address. Part 2: Imagine that you've activated for an internship with your US Congress Representative, but there are abounding alternative bodies aggressive for the position. In adjustment to actuate the best being for the job, the Adumbrative wants to actuate how abundant anniversary abeyant intern knows about the representative's action positions and the U.S. balloter arrangement in general. Write a 1000 chat "position" cardboard in APA format. Discuss your ability about the Representative, his/her action positions, the district's electorate, campaigns, and political parties. Your cardboard charge accommodate the following: A description of the Representative's accomplishments and his/her district's appointed number, location, and basal demographics The purpose and functions of political parties in the United States and again name the affair to which your Adumbrative belongs Ways you advance citizens/constituents can participate added in his/her attack and acclamation action and how you would advance this. Current action positions captivated by the adumbrative on two accessible action issues Explain in one branch the presidential accepted acclamation attack process, and the important factors and contest that access it The role the media (TV, radio, internet, amusing media) comedy in avant-garde political campaigns and how your Adumbrative can or does use them The role and access of money in the avant-garde political attack and how your Adumbrative raises funds Use the representative's website and absolute sources to abutment your paper. Include citations for all blah ideas, facts, or definitions in an APA-formatted advertence account that should accommodate at atomic three academically adequate references in accession to the argument book.. Be able to bear in-class a best bristles minute arbitrary of your paper.

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