US Imperialism and Empire Building

  Explain whether or not you accept the U.S. is still an authority and whether or not this is a acceptable thing.   You can booty any position you ambition as continued as you abutment your account with actual and abreast evidence. Step 1: Find a alive analogue of “Empire.” Remember that imperialism and authority are not the aforementioned thing! Step 2: Decide if the US is or is not an empire. Step 3: Use actual and accepted examples that abutment the US actuality an authority or not. Step 4: Look at your analogue and your examples. Do the examples advice prove that the US is or is not an empire? Step 5: Write your 600 chat cardboard in which you accord the analogue of empire, acutely accompaniment if the US is or is not an empire, and if this is a acceptable thing. Abutment your account with specific actual and accepted examples, and adduce your sources.   Formatting: This cardboard does charge to be in APA format. Check out SHARC to see how to architecture your paper. You can additionally use to advice with your references. Please use ProQuest database to do your research. Other aboveboard sources can additionally be used. (Do not use Wikipedia as it is not an bookish source.) Cite the sources that you acclimated in researching your paper. 

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