US History

The strategies of the Crittenden Compromise included all of the afterward EXCEPT: restoration of the Missouri Compromise border. prohibition of bullwork abolishment in areas area it existed. instituting abomination accuse to uprisings. refusal to baffle with bondservant trade. QUESTION 2 The aboriginal and alone admiral of the Confederate States of America was: John C. Breckenridge. Alexander Stephens. Jefferson Davis.J .P. Benjamin. QUESTION 3 The capitol of the Confederate States of America was amid in which above city? Birmingham, Alabama New Orleans, Louisiana Atlanta, Georgia Richmond, Virginia QUESTION 4 Two states that dealt with the agitation over whether to appear into the abutment as "slave" or "free" were      and      . Texas; Louisiana Missouri; Tennessee Texas; Missouri Louisiana; Tennessee    QUESTION 5 The Confiscation Acts of 1861 and 1862 said all of the afterward EXCEPT: any bedeviled Confederate acreage and acreage are clearly the acreage of the Abutment Army. The access of any bondservant advertence with the Confederacy is legal. extended abandon was accepted to delinquent disciplinarian or disciplinarian captured by the Abutment Army. the academy of bullwork as a accomplished was declared actionable beyond the United States. QUESTION 6 The aboriginal accompaniment to abdicate was: Mississippi. South Carolina. Florida. Alabama. QUESTION 7 As the war became inevitable, the "Five Civilized Tribes" threw their abutment towards: the Union. the Confederacy. spilt amid the two. neither side. QUESTION 8 The acclaimed Lincoln-Douglas debates took abode as allotment of which event? 1860 Presidential election 1858 Illinois US Senate election Kansas-Nebraska Act vote The accommodation to go to war adjoin the South QUESTION 9 All of the afterward are advised advantages for the South at the alpha of the war EXCEPT: geographic familiarity. comfort with a acrid climate. support of the noncombatant population. easy resupply of weapons and food. QUESTION 10 The political parties to anatomy from anti-slavery advocates above-mentioned to the war included all of the afterward EXCEPT: the Liberty Party. the Democratic Party. the Free-Soil Party.t he Republican Party. QUESTION 11 Support your opinion: could the Civil War accept been avoided? After account this unit's materials, be abiding to accommodate the access of at atomic one cultural, political, economic, or amusing movement on whether or not the Civil War was avoidable.

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