Upload Assignment: Module 04 Project – Ethical Considerations

   A cardinal plan is a certificate acclimated to anatomy and acquaint authoritative goals. It is additionally acclimated to abate risks and allay the abeyant for acknowledged cases. Barbara receives advice that there is an additional, added acute affair at a accessory dispensary that is not accurate in the aboriginal UCCO case. This affair relates to the emergency affliction clinic, which is acclimated to amusement patients with trauma-related injuries. The dispensary has been over-utilized for the accomplished year, consistent in fatigued staffing, cutting costs, and abbreviating affection of accommodating affliction and chump satisfaction. Agents abundance is afflicted by use of claimed corpuscle phones and dispensary accessories is generally acclimated for amusing media.  In one accurate case, a 13-year old accommodating was apparent for agony affliction by the UCCO Emergency Clinic. The patient's parents accomplish it bright to the agents that they are not accommodating to accord accord to any activity involving claret accessories or transfusion. The risks are explained to the parents. The accommodating accustomed benumbed but anon regains consciousness. After the parents leave the room, the accommodating tells the assistant that she is abashed of dying and would like any care, including claret procedures and products, to save her life. The assistant after finds out that the bounce by the parents was due to religious reasons. The assistant bound discusses the case with adolescent employees, one of which posts comments on her amusing media folio application a clinic-owned computer. The nursing administrator accord a exact admonishing to all complex nurses and staff.  Search for a minimum of 3 accessories accoutrement the capacity of ethics, healthcare professionalism, and federal legislations. Using your research, abode the afterward credibility in a 3-page report: · Was the nursing administrator accurately adjustable with to assure accommodating information? Explain the acknowledged risks and abutment with federal legislations and able expectations, such as HIPAA and able codes of ethics.  · What address does the age and religious requests accept on the patient's case? Are there medical and ethical laws that abandon the parent's requests? · What is the role and accent of advice amid UCCO facilities, decidedly in advertence to acquiescence and ethical standards? · What are the ethical and able factors of application amusing media? · Were the reactions to the patient's case illegal, or aloof unethical? How does this adjust with UCCO's mission, values, and cardinal activity plans? How does it analyze to your own claimed behavior and values? APA format

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