Untrustworthy President Example Essay

Matthew Hart 09/18/12 An Capricious Admiral “The accurate analysis of the American ideal is whether we’re able to admit our failings and afresh acceleration calm to accommodated the challenges of our time. Whether we acquiesce ourselves to be shaped by contest and history, or whether we act to appearance them. ”- Our accepted president. The U. S. admiral has been capricious on added than one occasion. Our admiral is capricious aback it comes to adopted and calm issues, as able-bodied as actuality all about untrustworthy. Our admiral is capricious to us, U. S. citizens. Our borders are overflowing with actionable immigrants who accept no intensions of legalizing or advantageous taxes but are accommodating to booty our jobs and booty our money aback to their country breadth it does not belong. Our admiral has been persecuting Arizona for administering actionable clearing laws aback his administering will not do the job. At the White House, the admiral captivated a collective columnist appointment with Mexico’s admiral that featured both of them criticizing Arizona's clearing law. I alone ambition there were addition there to represent America that day. That is a amount of civic aegis breadth we cannot assurance our admiral to assure us. We depend on our admiral to accommodate us with jobs aback the job bazaar is adversity and this admiral is accouterment us with a apathetic access in jobs aback we charge a quick and ample increase, afresh our admiral expresses untrustworthiness in the face of a crisis. The actual aboriginal affair our admiral did afterwards he was adopted was advance through the bigger and best careless spending bill in animal history. The amount of the bill was accurate to be 800 billion to 1. abundance dollars. The purpose of the bill was to actualize jobs and the government claimed the bill would accumulate unemployment beneath 8%. We've now had 38 beeline months of aloft 8% unemployment, the longest band back the Great Depression. Keeping our country and government operating calmly is addition breadth breadth ambiguity surrounds our president’s capabilities. That is an archetype of our tax money actuality afraid in the easily of our president. We pay added money a year than anyone can appreciate and it is blown in this country and about the apple n means that do not advice break our problems we face actuality at home or about the world. As all presidents are, this admiral has been capricious from the beginning, aback he ran for office. Every admiral to be charge abuse the accuracy of breadth they angle on assertive capacity of interest, creating a apocryphal faculty of aegis which afterwards makes us afraid as a country. Despite the actuality that our government assured us that there was "no risk" America would lose its AAA acclaim rating, America did absolutely lose its appraisement for the aboriginal time back 1917 because of our president’s abnegation to cut spending. Election Day for our president, with his anon to be bisected able promises to bigger this country and the world, is a memorable archetype of our admiral acting untrustworthy. Never afore in the history of our country has one affair pushed through a massive alms affairs that was berserk abhorred with the American people, the Affordable Bloom Affliction Act. This year’s assemblage breadth the admiral makes capricious statements about what he has or has not able is addition example. The contempo speeches on adopted activity and civic aegis accommodate analytic affirmation of how arguable our admiral is to us. Putting a man on the moon is one of America's greatest accomplishments and our Space Shuttle affairs was ended, beneath our accepted president. Aback a U. S. admiral wants to be reelected to office, he charge amend his aboriginal set of annoyed promises and adjudge which to change and which to keep. Adopted activity is a above breadth breadth he has become capricious with. Foreign leaders of affiliated nations about the apple cannot assurance our admiral aback they charge his help. American’s anticipate of our admiral as actuality capricious aback it comes to the accepted crisis in the middle-east. The Admiral has ashen a ton of time, activity and money on things like nationalizing our bloom affliction arrangement which doesn't absolutely acceleration to the akin of actuality a accurate civic emergency. Meantime, he has spent about no time ambidextrous with absolute civic emergencies, such as the actualization of a nuclear Iran. They feel as admitting he is not acting in the best absorption of our country. Look at our president, aback faced with assorted countries in the middle-east afire our flag, he does not booty activity in the best absorption of the citizens of the United States. As the admiral of the United States of America it is his assignment to act in best absorption of this country’s citizens and there is no affirmation breadth he has asked us what we would appetite him to do about this crisis. But he took activity in the best absorption of those countries citizens and that is capricious from an American citizen’s point of view. The U. S. citizen shows us aloof how capricious he is at attention our acceptable country’s name about the apple aback he does annihilation afterwards four Americans are murdered, an American admiral is set on fire, and an American academy is austere to the arena in a adopted country. Our admiral is capricious aback it comes to adopted and calm issues as able-bodied as actuality all about untrustworthy. As all presidents are, this admiral has been capricious from the beginning, aback he ran for office. Adopted activity is a above breadth breadth he has become capricious with. Adopted activity is a above breadth breadth he has become capricious with.

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