Unpleasant Symptoms

Identify a approach that uses a abstraction of absorption that ability be activated in analysis and nursing convenance (clinical, education, or administration). The purpose of this cardboard is for you to call and appraise the approach appliance the afterward criteria.  This is a able cardboard in which headings, abounding sentences, paragraphs, actual grammar and punctuation, and actual commendation of sources are required. The Approach is “Theory of Unpleasant Symptoms. By Lenz et all”. Introduction. Identify your abstraction of absorption and briefly altercate why you chose that abstraction (explain whether it was empiric in analytic practice, articular from accordant literature, or some alternative reason.)  Identify the approach (that utilizes your abstraction of interest) which will be declared and evaluated in this paper. Give the clairvoyant a faculty of what to apprehend in this paper.  The addition should be one actual abbreviate paragraph, and there should not be a branch for the introduction.  Theory Description.  Provide a abrupt description of the approach appliance an aboriginal antecedent or as abutting to the aboriginal antecedent as possible.   Include a abrupt altercation of the origins of the approach and the scope/level (grand, average range, practice/situation specific) of the theory.  Identify the aloft concepts of the approach and altercate how they are accompanying (propositions).  Pick two of the concepts, including your abstraction of interest, and accompaniment the abstract definitions of these concepts.  (30 points) Application of Approach to Research. Find two published, aboriginal sources in which advisers acclimated the approach as a framework to abutment their research.  Briefly altercate how those advisers activated the approach to abutment their research.  Accommodate in the altercation of anniversary abstraction the purpose of the study, how the advisers acclimated the approach in their study, how the abstraction of absorption was acclimated in their study, and how the advisers operationally authentic the abstraction of interest. (20 points) Application of Approach to Practice.  Briefly altercate how the approach ability be acclimated to abutment nursing convenance (clinical, education, or administration).  Accommodate in the altercation the purpose of the convenance appliance and how the abstraction of absorption ability be operationally authentic in practice.  Provide an archetype of how you ability use the abstract and operational definitions of your abstraction of absorption in your approaching convenance or research.  Include a abeyant convenance catechism based on the propositions of your theory. (20 points) Theory Evaluation.  Briefly altercate whether/how the approach appears to be accurate/valid (based on empiric testing of the approach as discussed above).  Discuss generalizability of the theory.  Summarize the strengths and weaknesses of the theory.  Briefly altercate whether/how the approach is coinciding with accepted nursing standards and accepted nursing interventions or therapeutics.  Explain whether/how the approach is accordant socially and cross-culturally.  Call briefly how the approach ability accord to the conduct of nursing.  (20 points) Style & Format.  The cardboard will accommodate a appellation folio (using defined format),  7-8  pages of text, and a advertence list.  It will be double-spaced, accounting in 12-point Times New Roman font, and accept 1-inch margins.  Able and alike presentation of account (precision, clarity, format, headings, grammar, spelling, & punctuation) with adapted commendation of sources in argument and advertence account is required.  Up to 0.5 credibility will be deducted for anniversary blazon of grammar, spelling, punctuation, or architecture error. (10 points)

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