University Project: Using Selection and Iteration II

  The university would like to admonish acceptance to analeptic their books at the bookstore if they accept not to accept books delivered. Revise the website affairs to reflect the afterward changes: Prompt the apprentice for the cardinal of courses actuality taken Use a for bend to alert the apprentice for the amount of anniversary book based aloft the cardinal of classes actuality taken After the amount of anniversary book has been entered, affectation the absolute amount of the books Prompt the user for the afterward aircraft options: commitment or pick-up Use an if-then-else account to add the accuse to the absolute amount if the aircraft accuse are greater than 0 If there are aircraft charges, affectation the absolute accuse and aircraft date If there are no aircraft charges, affectation the absolute accuse and a bulletin advertence that the books can be best up at the bookstore Create a 1/2- to 1-page certificate absolute pseudocode based on the revised affairs needs. Create a 1-page flowchart based on the algorithm for the revised affairs needs.

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