Use the readings from your Psychological Testing and Assessment text, Embretson's 2004 article, "The Second Century of Ability Testing: Some Predictions and Speculations," and added analysis to complete this discussion. Research the actual access and trends in the acreage of attitude of the afterward dyads: (1) Sir Francis Galton to James McKeen Cattell, and (2) Alfred Binet to Lewis Terman. Compare and adverse the accord amid both sets of key abstracts and the milestones they facilitated in the history of tests and measurements. What were the similarities and differences aural anniversary dyad? What were the similarities and differences beyond the two sets of dyads? Choose one of these four individuals based on the belief beneath and do added analysis on that being application the Capella library. Share your allegation about key contributions of that called alone in your altercation post, citation at atomic two appear articles, not including the Psychological Testing and Assessment argument or the Embretson commodity (include these as references). Identify your best of the key actual amount in your accountable band of the column you submit. In your post: Identify a brace of important similarities and differences aural anniversary dyad. Identify a brace of important similarities and differences beyond both sets of dyads. Identify the alone who, in your opinion, had the greatest appulse on your accurate absorption or specialty aural the acreage of psychology. (Include the name of the alone in your accountable band of the altercation cilia back you abide your antecedent post.) Describe how the one actual amount you called broadcast the abject of ability in the field, including advice from the account articles. Explain how that alone provided a foundation to a trend that continues in attitude today.

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